The Fairly Odd Parents: Wishology

09 May

Gene and Paul lend their voices and animated likenesses to:
The Fairly Odd Parents: Wishology
May 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2009

The Fairly OddParents: Wishology (or just known as “Wishology”) is the 9th, 10th and 11th The Fairly OddParents TV movies made by Nickelodeon in the United States and YTV in Canada, featuring characters from The Fairly OddParents television series. In production order, this movie is divided into 1 hour long episodes: The Big Beginning, The Exciting Middle Part, and The Final Ending. The movie features spoofs of hit sci-fi/fantasy film franchises, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix and The Terminator. The movie also features a reference to Back to the Future, during the chase between Timmy Turner, Jorgen Von Strangle, and the Eliminators. The Eliminators are a parody of Terminators with one of them in a leather jacket and sunglasses being an obvious parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the Terminator series. “Wishology” is the first Fairly OddParents episode to be broadcast in widescreen High Definition (however the regular Standard Definition intro is shown at the beginning).

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley from hard rock band KISS are doing the episode as themselves, along with actor Patrick Warburton as the MERF members (a parody of Men in Black), and actor Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) as Turbo Thunder, as they will all guest star in Wishology.

Part 1: The Big Beginning

The Big Beginning starts with Timmy wishing he was in his own movie trilogy (which parodies The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter) which is then interrupted by Jorgen. He is sent back home where he can’t find Cosmo, Wanda or Poof and his family and friends don’t remember him (which Timmy claims was just like any one of his other normal mornings). When he screams out his name, an Eliminator (Gary Sturgis) shows up and begins attacking him and chases after him. Jorgen saves him and informs him that his fairies are fine. Or maybe not, since he’s turned all the fairies into gumballs and stuck them in a gumball machine in a greasy truck stop bar. A fat kid starts buying the gumballs and chomps up Binky, then almost chomps up Wanda, but Cosmo rescues her. Meanwhile, Jorgen takes Timmy to a cave in Fairy World called the “Cave of Destiny” (which Jorgen claims is often rented out for Halloween parties, Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs) where there is the prophecy remember about the ancient faries that fought the darkness and stayed in outer space as stars guarding earth. It also explains that a man with a pink hat, buck teeth and the initials TT is the chosen one who “must find the white wand in the rock sealed with a kiss”, which leads Jorgen to believe that it must be Timmy. After finding Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, Timmy gets chased by Alien Hunters (Spoofing Men in Black, voiced by Patrick Warburton). They believe that he is an Alien due to missing/none files of him. After a battle of wits, Timmy uses the “Men In Blacks” freeze ray and freezes them. Timmy then steals an airplane and ends up in a KISS concert where he finds out that Kiss are actually fairy guardians and that the white wand is one of their guitar, saying that they have been guarding it for centuries(Timmy stating that they are older than they look which Paul Stanley responds “Why do you think we wear the make up?”). They don’t believe him when he tells them he is the chosen one, telling him to say the chosen ones creed. In frustration Timmy ends up saying his name out loud, causing the eliminators to appear, who try to destroy Timmy. Seeing that the eliminators want to destroy him Kiss believes he is the chosen one. The Darkness arrives and tries to swallow everyone in the concert hall before Timmy plays the White Wand and starts forcing the Darkness back with magical bursts from the guitar. The Darkness then retreats after taking all the Eliminators with it and Timmy gives everyone a chance to enjoy the concert again as it is moved to Fairyworld. Shortly after, a muscular looking man arrives, announcing himself as Turbo Thunder and takes Timmy’s guitar before he acclaims that he is the one to defeat the Darkness. Shockingly, Turbo Thunder looks exactly like the cave prophecy’s depiction of Timmy even though Jorgen stupidly believed it was supposed to be Timmy. As he discovers that he is too late, everyone just goes on to enjoy the concert (with Jorgen erasing their memories of the event after it was over). Just as Timmy looks confidently at the Big Dipper constellation in the sky, he feels like it’s finally over only for all of the stars in the sky to vanish again the minute he and his God Parents walked off.


Part 2: The Exciting Middle Part

As this segment begins, Timmy is basking in the glow of being the Chosen One. But it turns out that he wasn’t such a hero after all, when it becomes clear that the Darkness has returned. When The Darkness destroys Mark Chang’s home planet, Mark contacts him to help save the planet. Timmy and Mark fight to free Dimmsdale from the Eliminators, who have disguised themselves as Timmy’s closest friends and family. Timmy manages to stop the Darkness and destroy the Eliminators by throwing various gifts, received from his fame, into the Darkness, including a boom box, some roller skates, and some cocktail weiners (which becomes a major plot device later on in Part 3). The Eliminators survive, however, and absorb the items Timmy threw into the Darkness, gaining roller skates and singing “Get Timmy Turner” to funk music coming from boom boxes in their torsos (a reference to roller disco). After the Fairies are captured and locked up in Fairyworld’s greatest prison Abracatraz, Timmy and Mark team up with Timmy’s enemies, Crocker, Vicky, and Dark Laser, before traveling to find the Blue Moon to locate the second wand (using crude methods like bribing Vicky with fake cash, dullfully admitting him having fairy godparents to Crocker and posting a embarrassing movie of Dark Laser, calling him “Fart Blazer”, on Too Yube (a parody of Youtube). Before they go, Dark Lazer gives them some disguises: (Timmy as Anakin Skywalker, Mark as R2D2, Crocker as Chewbacca, Vicky as Princess Leia, and Dark Lazer as Darth Vader. Along the way, they make a pit stop at a bar(Which is similar to and most likley a parody of Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope.) Before the Eliminators attack and capture Vicky, Crocker and Dark Laser with ease (it reveals that whatever they threw at them and ended up being sucked up by the darkness automatically gets added to their arsenal, point proven when Timmy saw them shooting hot dogs at them after he had thrown them at the darkness previously). Turbo Thunder, the acclaimed real chosen one, shows up and tricks Timmy into revealing where the second star was before taking off for it (despite the fact Timmy and Mark stowed away on his ship before take off). Meanwhile, as the Fairies and Timmy’s friends and family get to know each other, they all band together to help Timmy as he has risked his life for them in previous adventures. By dumb luck and a few surprisingly fast learned kung fu moves, Poof defeats a group of Eliminator robots before he frees everyone from their prison cell and they manage to save Timmy’s enemies as they are being carted off, still frozen in ice. Together, they use Jorgen’s magic to warp to the Blue Moon as Timmy is just about to get the second wand and is revealed that he IS the true chosen one because he refused to fight the guardian of the second wand, a giant rock monster, while Turbo Thunder did, only to be flicked away, thus Timmy passed the test. Timmy and Mark are ambushed by the Darkness and the Eliminators, who ensure that they will keep coming back in greater numbers than before. Even with Timmy’s friends and family successfully driving the Eliminators back with a combined magical attack, their friendly reunion is cut short when the Darkness appears and tries to inhale everyone. But an even bigger concern is when Timmy tries to use the second wand to force the Darkness away, nothing happened! Timmy then realizes that this whole time, the Darkness wants him (it creepily moans his name). He then climbs the rope his friends and family made, where Trixie Tang admits her love for and kisses Timmy, before he willingly releases his grip on her and gets pulled into the Darkness. The Darkness leaves with Timmy while everyone is heartbroken at losing Timmy (Trixie even cried a little for Timmy’s bravery and Vicky openly exclaims that she’d never call Timmy a “twerp” again). Jorgen and the others firmly decide that since Timmy sacrificed himself to save them, it was now THEIR turn to save him, before he stupidly created a rocket ship using magic and accidentally sending it flying away without anyone onboard it first.


Part 3: The Final Ending

Timmy awakens inside of his own room again and begins a new day at school with everyone’s memories of what happened at the Blue Moon of Vegan erased. However, this is not the real world. Timmy started to notice everyone acting weirdly and it eventually led him to discover that he was NOT in Dimmsdale, but still inside the Darkness. Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Jorgen disguise themselves as Eliminators and enter the Darkness, bringing Timmy safely back to Earth (strangely, the Darkness kept Timmy close to it’s one weak point, it’s heart). The Darkness now wants Timmy back, but the Eliminator that first chased him is still set on annihilating Timmy when the Darkness does not want him destroyed. Even after he is destroyed and sent plummeting into the ocean on Earth, he magically reassembles himself and takes off to face Timmy. Back on the real Dimmsdale, Timmy reunites with his family and friends in the Timmy Cave beneath his house and they relay what has happened so far before the Eliminator returns. He not only absorbs Jorgen’s wand and sends Timmy’s friends and family into the Darkness, but it uses it’s newfound magical powers to completely solidify the Earth in a giant steel casing and change all the humans (the MERF group, to be more precise) into his robotic henchmen. At this point, he now dons himself the Destructinator, the true antagonist of the Wishology trilogy. Timmy and his fairies return to the Blue Moon to retrieve the second wand and run into a weakened Turbo Thunder. He then reveals the true reason why the second wand did nothing when Timmy used it. It’s true purpose was to “light the way”, as the entire planet turned to face the sun and powered up the wand. It was then revealed that beneath the moon’s surface was a hidden society lined to the brim with magic and it revealed the final part of the cave prophecy, where Timmy would have to find a third and final wand, hidden within the Earth’s ice. Turbo Thunder reveals he was the original chosen one, picked by the fairy council(through auditions),but as stated before he was late and Timmy had to fill in, he apologies and admits that Timmy is the new chosen one. He also tells them he tried out to become the chosen one to take revenge on the Darkness because it destroyed his home world and took his family from him. Turbo Thunder tries to train Timmy but Timmy’s unable to keep up with his super powered teacher. Thus, Turbo Thunder transfers his powers to Timmy, who dubbed himself “Turbo Timmy”, knowing he was the only hope of stopping the Destructinator and the Darkness. The group returns to Fairy World and frees the fairies by giving them wands from the hidden ruins below the moon and fight back the remaining Eliminators, winning. Timmy then returns to Earth to face the Destructinator as the Darkness catches word that Timmy returned. Timmy battles the Destructinator through space and finally leads him back to Earth where they crash land in the Artic. The Destructinator planned to stuff the Earth full of bombs and missiles so that when the Darkness sucked it up, it would unleash a giant explosion, killing both it and Timmy. However, Timmy managed to snatch the self destruction device from Destructinator and uses the robot’s thirst for power to trick him into absorbing all the bombs he planted inside the planet. He then detonates the bombs, destroying the Destructinator once and for all. The massive explosion also melts the ice and reveals the third and final wand. However, Timmy must now fulfill the prophecy and defeat the Darkness. But just then, he realizes something. When the Darkness appeared before Turbo Thunder’s world and Fairy World, it was first attacked by the inhabitants of the world before it attacked them. All the Darkness ever wanted was a friend. With the powers of the Fire Wand (the guitar), the Wind Wand (the wand on the Blue Moon) and the Ice Wand (found buried under the North Pole’s icy layer), he uses his fairies magic to poof up more ice wands on every other planet, creating a giant smiling face of light when he activated the wand’s powers and unleashed a powerful beam of light into the Darkness. After that, the Darkness has now become the Kindness and returns all of Timmy’s captured friends and family, along with Mark and Turbo Thunder’s parents. They celebrate with another KISS concert in Fairy World when KISS and the ancient fairy counselors surprisingly appear after Timmy defeated the Darkness, but the romantic moment between Timmy and Trixie is broken by Jorgen telling Timmy he is going to erase everyone’s memories after the concert. Timmy figured this would happen, but was relieved he wouldn’t have to find anymore wands. But in the Cave of Destiny, as the prophecy showed Timmy with all three wands, a red fourth wand appeared. But, it’s revealed that Cosmo drew it with a red crayon before saying “Just kidding!” and ending up crushed by a rock after getting brain freeze from an ice cream sandwich, ending the Wishology trilogy story.

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