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Kiss – The Videos 1974 – 2002

Kiss – The Videos 1974 – 2002
Dos discos

Disco 1:
C’mon and love me
Rock and roll all nite
Detroit rock city
I want you
Hard luck woman
Love ‘em, leave ‘em
I was made for lovin’ you
Sure know something
She’s so European
Talk to me
What makes the world go ‘round
Is that you?
A world without heroes
I love it loud
Lick it up
All hell’s breakin’ loose
Heaven’s on fire
Thrills in the night
Who wants to be lonely
Disco 2:
Uh! all night
Tears are falling
Rock and roll all nite ’87
Turn on the night
Reason to live
Crazy crazy nights
Let’s put the X in sex
(You make me) Rock hard
Rise to it
God gave rock ‘n’ roll to you II
I just wanna
Every time I look at you
I love it loud ’93
Rock and roll all nite ’95
Shout it out loud ’96
Psycho circus
Rock and roll all nite ’02

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Kiss – Rock The Nation Live!

Kiss – Rock The Nation Live!
Show en vivo + detrás de camara, entrevistas, pruebas de sonido, etc. 2 dvds

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Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City

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Remedio – Remedy

Remedio – Remedy
Drama. Con la participación de Ace Frehley (Kiss).

Situada en New York City, REMEDIO sigue las suerte de un artista que vive el sexo, drogas y la rock ‘n’ roll al extremo. Cuando su mejor amigo es asesinado, él piensa que fue testigo de ese acto, pero su mente drogada no permite que él procese la información claramente. Esto lo lleva a ser un sospechoso muy importante en el caso, lo que lo impulsará a saber exactamente qué le sucedió a su amigo.
Con Vincent Franco y Vincent Pastore de Los Sopranos, junto a un cameo de Ace Frehley de KISS, REMEDIO es una novela de suspenso, del director Christian Maelen.
Duración: 82 minutos ~ Subtitulada en español

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VH1 – Rock Honors – Kiss-Queen-Judas Priest-Def Leppard

VH1 Rock Honors – Kiss – Queen Def Leppard y Judas Priest
Especial de VH1. Dos discos.

Various Artists
VH1 Rock Honors
Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, NV 5-25-06
2-disc set

Disco 1

Foo Fighters – Tie Your Mother Down
Show Intro
The Story of Queen
Queen – The Show Must Go On
We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions

Segment Intro
The Story of Judas Priest
Godsmack – Priest Medley
Judas Priest – Breakin’ The Law
You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

Disc 2:

Segment Intro
The Story of Def Leppard
All American Rejects – Photograph
Def Leppard – Rock of Ages
20th Century Boy

Segment Intro
The Story on KISS
All-Star Tribute Band – God of Thunder
KISS – Detroit Rock City
Love Gun

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Kiss – Live in Japan ’77 – The Ultimate Edition

Esta versión es de una de las funciones que dieron en el Budokan, está completo.
Trae un Bonus con otrs temas que pertenecen a la otra función del mismo día.

Kiss - Live In Japan 1977

Artist: KISS
Venue/State/Country/etc: the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo
Date: April 2, 1977 (3:00 pm & 7:00 pm)
Format: DVD NTSC Region 0

Description :
Filmed during 2 shows (3:00 pm & 7:00 pm) on April 2, 1977 at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

"The broadcast was filmed by the japanese NHK Company and the soundtrack was recorded by Eddie Kramer for a never released Alive album for the japanese market. Later these recordings were used for the Alive 2 album where they were mixed with the recordings of the August 1977 L.A. Forum shows.
The NHK Company originally filmed this as a gesture for Kiss in exchange they would be able to produce a Kiss documentary which they finally did in 1977.
They shot it for Kiss who produced a film of it on Casablanca Records and Filmworks titled "Kiss live in Japan". The NHK Company released it to its television audience in Japan in late 1977 as "The Young Music Show". Unfortunately the print thez used was not of the quality of the original print. The original print, after Casablanca used it for "Kiss live in Japan", was sold to HBO in the summer of 1979 for a US broadcast.
This DVD is taken of that reel and is the best version available of this show. It's slightly different to the "Young Music Show" with different angles mixed in and without the annoying and ugly song titles and japanese subtitles in the screen. Also this print is free of the nasty artifacts and grain in the NHK "Young Music Show" print.
The bonus footage are aouttakes of this broadcast, cut from the original release but here preserved for the future… We kept the original broadcast intact but added the outtakes for compeltion giving you the entire performance here in the best possible quality !"


01. Introduction
02. Detroit rock city
03. Let me go, rock and roll
04. Firehouse
05. Makin' love
06. Cold gin
07. Ace Frehley solo
08. Nothin to lose
09. Gene Simmons solo
10. God of thunder
11. Peter Criss solo
12. God of thunder (cont)
13. Rock and roll all nite
14. Encores
15. Black diamond intro
16. Black diamond

Bonus tracks (taken from a different reel and cut from the broadcast)
Tokyo, Budokan, April 2 (3:00 pm show), 1977
01. Detroit rock city (alternative beginning)
02. Take me
03. I want you
04. Do you love me ?
05. Shout it out loud
06. Beth

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Kiss – Hondafest 2005

Kiss – HondaFest 2005
9 de octubre 2005 – Una cámara.


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