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Modena, Italy | 10-09-1988 Center Close

Festa Della Unita
Modena, Italia

Ruhr Stadion/Festa Della Unitá

Recording: AUD
Quality: 8(-)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: A definite upgrade on these two short versions.
Both private-shot are 2nd gen. Very shaky and with plenty of heads and hands in the way but picture quality is good.
(Screenshots are blurry becuase the camera is moving so much, actual video is much clearer.)
The TV reports from Modena are very good with some nice pro-shot footage. The fan footage at the end is also very good.

Setlist Bochum 88.08.28 (22 min):
Love gun
Fits like a glove
Heaven’s on fire
Cold gin

Setlist Modena 88.09.10 (12 min):
Crazy crazy nights
War machine
Shout it out loud
Lick it up (cut)
Detroit rock city (cut)

Rai Uno Modena TV reports (7 min)
– Deuce
– Love gun

Fan footage from various European hotels (20 min)

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KISS Promos 1983-1992 | 25-01-2010 UPGRADE

KISS Promos 1983 – 1992
PAL 4:3 Format

Compiled From 8 Different DVD Sources + 1 VHS
Compilation Re-Made January 25th 2010.

  • Lick It Up
  • All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose
  • Heaven’s On Fire
  • Thrills In The Night
  • Tears Are Falling
  • Uh! All Night
  • Who Wants To Be Lonely
  • Turn On The Night (Ripped From VHS By Sten1972)
  • Reason To Live (Ripped From VHS By Sten1972)
  • Crazy Crazy Nights (Ripped From VHS By Sten1972)
  • (You Make Me) Rock Hard
  • Let’s Put The X In Sex (New Audio From CD By Sten1972)
  • Hide Your Heart (Volume Raised Audio By Sten1972)
  • Rise To It (Volume Raised Audio By Sten1972)
  • Forever (Volume Raised Audio By Sten1972)
  • God Gave Rock And Roll To You II
  • Unholy
  • Domino (New Audio From CD By Sten1972)
  • I Just Wanna
  • Everytime I Look At You

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Ace Frehley | Behind the Player

ace frehley-behind the player

Aspect ratio: 16:9
Legendary Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley will release Behind the Player, a retrospective DVD chronicling his work as one of the world’s most influential guitar players. The DVD will be released worldwide January 19, 2010, through IMV, Rocket Science Ventures and Sony/RED.

The DVD features the iconic Spaceman talking about his life as a guitar player, including rare photos and video footage. Ace also gives in depth lessons for his Kiss classics “Shock Me” and “Cold Gin.” The DVD includes an all-star jam session of Ace playing with George Lynch, John5, Matt Sorum, Chris Wyse and Tommy Clufetos. Frehley says, “I haven’t done anything like this before, but liked what they were doing with the Behind the Player series. Jamming the tracks with the guys was a lot of fun.”

Rare photos , Live footage
Ace jams with John 5, Matt Sorum, George Lynch, Chris Wyse, Tommy Clufetos
ace gives in – depth lessons for cold gin and shock me
Plus Ace´s guitars , gear
Technique & Style
Includes:  Exclusive video tab and interactive music video

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San Diego, CA 27-11-2009

Sports Arena
San Diego, California
version Kisspep-Harvey Castellano

Recording: AUD
4:3 NTSC
Quality: 8+
Extras: “Click on Credits” to see Kiss Spain Dates clip

Comments: From master files from Harvey Castellano, filmed from center. Synched to concert online. Partial show with complete songs.

Let Me Go Rock N’ Roll
Hotter Than Hell
Shook Me
Dr. Love
Cold Gin

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Kissology 4 2002 – 2010 | discs 1-2-3-4

Kissology 4 2002 – 2010 Disc 1-2-3-4

Aspect Ration: 4:3
Duration: 2:00:12

Disc 1: 2002-2006

  • Lane Bryant – Lick It Up
  • 2002 Winter Olympics
  • The Best of Kiss Commercial
  • That 70?s Kiss Show
  • Party Dude ‘03
  • Party Dude ‘04
  • Gene & Paul on CNN 2004
  • Monday Night Football TV Spot
  • VH1 Heavy: The Story of Metal
  • VH1 Rock Honors Complete
  • Paul on the Today Show Australia ?07
  • Paul on the Footy Show April 12, 2007

Disc 2: 2006

  • VH-1 Classic Hangin’ With Paul & Gene – 10/27/06 – 50 min
  • Paul & Gene on MTV TRL – 10/31/06 – 8 min
  • NY1 News report about Halloween Parade – 10/31/06 – 2 min
  • NY1 – Village Halloween Parade – Paul & Gene interview on KISS Float – 10/31/06 – 5 min

Disc 3: 2007-2008

  • ‘Shandi’ Live – The Today Show | March 7th 2007
  • Foot Show – Detroit Rock City | April 12th 2007
  • Kiss Grand Prix News Reports Melbourne, Australia | March 12th & 13th 2008
  • AFL Footie Show – ‘Shout It Out Loud’ -‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ | March 13th 2008
  • All Music Special Verona Italy | May 13th 2008 – ‘Deuce’ -‘Strutter’
  • Scuzz TV Download Special

Disc 4: 2009-2010

  • 1st Dr Pepper commercial 2009
  • Segment from 20-1 Outrageous Rock Stars
  • Kiss on GMA 2009
  • Kiss Werbung RTL Television Alive 35 Commercial
  • KISS on Extra promoting contest – 8/24/09 – 1m
  • KISS on American Idol – Nokia Theatre LA
  • Paul on Fox Business Happy Hour
  • Late Show with David Letterman 06/10/2009
  • Gene on Today Show 17/12/2009
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live 06/10/2009
  • Dr Pepper Commercial 2010
  • Countdown Classic 2010 Kiss perform ‘Talk To Me’ Australia 1980
  • Ace Frehley Interview Sunrise 29/01/10
  • Ace Frehley Anomaly Promotional Video
  • Ace plays National Anthem AMA Supercross Special 01/09/10
  • Segment on Kiss Seven Ages of Rock
  • KISS on Nightline 5/1/10
  • Modern Day Delilah Promotional Video
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