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Vinnie Vincent | The Video Collection 2017


Vinnie Vincent | The Video Collection 2017



Music Videos (1978-1988)
Instant Replay
This Is It
Lick It Up
All Hell´s Breaking Loose
Boyz Are Gonna Rock
That Time Of Year
Love Kills

Metal Tech Style, Speed & Phrasing
In Metal Tech, Vinnie shows you his unique approach to soloing. Topics included are: Major and Minor scale patterns, chromaticism, arpeggio shapes, sweep picking, hammer-ons and pull-offs, intervals and altered, diminished and whole-tone scales. Vinnie also teaches you his Pick-Finger combinations for playing super fast scales, arepggios and licks along with right hand tecniques to create rhythmically accented picking. This video will enable you to expand your melodic range and develop state of the art Rock techniques. On screen tablature included.
Vinnie Vincent first established himself as a guitar player and writer in one of the most famous heavy metal bands in history. In 1984, Vinnie moved on to form his own band, The Vinnie Vincent Invasion, who have put out two albums on Chrysalis records.
Combining skill, power and speed, Vinnie established himself as a respected guitarist on the bands 1st album, The Vinnie Vincent Invasion. The Invasion’s 2nd album, All Systems Go was released in May 1988 and shows Vinnie’s progression in skill and style. His sound and style are easy to identify: When you hear Vinnie play, you know it’s him!

Instant Replay (Musikladen ´79)
All Hell´s Breaking Loose (Bananas ´83)

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Sonic Boom | Modern Day Delilah – Full version HQ

Se reveló el misterio SONIC BOOM

La edición de USA y Canada sera de 2 cd y un dvd con temas del concierto en Buenos Aires 2009, el cd saldrá el 6 de Octubre solo en Wal-Mart y Sam’s Club stores. El cd estara prensado como un digipack y contendrá un libro de 20 páginas.

KISS Sonic Boom – 2009
01. Modern Day Delilah
02. Russian Roulette
03. Never Enough
04. Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect)
05. Stand
06. Hot And Cold
07. All For The Glory
08. Danger Us
09. I’m An Animal
10. When Lightning Strikes
11. Say Yeah

Kiss Klassics Cd Track Listing:

01. Deuce
02. Detroit Rock City
03. Shout It Out Loud
04. Hotter Than Hell
05. Calling Dr. Love
06. Love Gun
07. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
08. Heaven’s On Fire
09. Lick It Up 10. I Love It Loud
11. Forever
12. Christine Sixteen
13. Do You Love Me
14. Black Diamond
15. Rock And Roll All Nite

Kiss Bonus Live Dvd Buenos Aires 2009:

01 Deuce
02 Hotter Than Hell
03 C’mon And Love Me
04 Watchin’ You
05 100,000 Years
06 Rock & Roll All Nite

Produced by PAUL STANLEY
Co-produced by Greg Collins

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Santa Inez (Chumash Casino), CA 2006

Santa Inez (Chumash Casino), CA 2006
28-07-2006 | Chumash Casino

Calidad: 5
Menu: A couple of stills from the show after the video
Extras: No
Comments: DivX format (or so my software/DVD player tell me) so hopefully there’s a slighlty less “jerky” version somewhere. Single cam on the floor that is shaky to the max. Don’t even consider going by the screenshots for this one, the fact that the cam was still enough for me to even be able to take stills is a miracle (it does get a bit better towards the end and for part of 100,000 years). Filmer has to hide the camera a few times. Audio is distorted (overloaded at the input every time the kick hits), muffled and victim of a seriously crappy compression algortihm.

Watchin’ you (cut)
King of the night time world (intro only)
Got to choose
Take me
Heaven’s on fire
God of thunder
100,000 years
Black diamond
Let me go, rock ‘n’ roll
C’mon and love me
God gave rock and roll to you (II)
Rock and roll all nite

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Modena, Italy 1988

Modena, Italy 1988
10-09-1988 | Festa Della Unitá

AUD | Calidad: 7(-)
Comments: The wide-shot version. This version is brighter and doesn’t have any pixelation. Not a terribly low-gen copy. A few muffled spots and a drop-out or two for the audio which is a tad better to my ears. In the enbd it’s just a matter of whether you like your footage light or dark…

Deuce (partial)
Love gun
Fits like a glove
Heaven’s on fire
Cold gin
Black diamond
No no no
Crazy crazy nights
I was made for lovin’ you
War machine
Tears are falling
I love it loud
Shout it out loud
Lick it up
Rock and roll all nite
Detroit rock city (cut)

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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 30-9-1992

Bethlehem (Allentown), Pennsylvania 30-9-1992
Stabler Arena
Recording: PRO
Quality: 9

Interview with Paul & Eric
Creatures of the night
I just wanna
Heaven’s on fire
I want you
Bruce solo
Eric’s solo (cut)
Forever (cut)
War machine
Lick it up (partial)
Detroit rock city (partial)

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