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Gene Simmons Band North Star Mohican Casino Resort | August 12, 2017

Gene Simmons Band at North Star Mohican Casino Resort
Bowler, WI August 12, 2017

NTSC 16:9
Menu & Chapters

Shout It Out Loud
I Love It Loud
Calling Dr. Love
Do You Love Me
Cold Gin
Got Love for Sale
Boom Boom
Wall of Sound
Christine Sixteen
Plaster Caster
Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
Rock and Roll All Nite

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Gene Simmons | 02-06-2017 Philadelphia

Gene Simmons  and his band
Trocader| 02-06-2017 Philadelphia

Shout it Out Loud
Nothin To Lose
Do You Love Me
I Love It Loud
Sweet & Dirty Love
Got Love For Sale
Cold Gin
Rice Pudding
Let Me Go Rock And Roll
Rock And Roll All Nite

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CSI – Long Road Home S14E17 guest Gene Simmons

csi-long road home gene simmons


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Long Road Home
Season 14 episode 17 Special Guest Gene Simmons
March 12, 2014 on CBS

NTSC 16:9
Subtitle Spanish

The CSIs investigate the murder of a rock and roll groupie and the disappearance of a prostitute that both have ties to a mysterious band. A groupie is found dead in a limo after a show, and CSI ties the murder to a “fame experience” featuring three amateur rockers playing with KISS star Gene Simmons.
The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

Gene Simmons as Gene Simmons
Joshua Bitton as Arnold Borkowski
Jamie Kennedy as Ed Kapena
Paul Greene as Len Young
Katherine McNamara as Angela Ward / Tangerine
Alicia Fusting as Michelle Cody
Nick Galarza as Mike Lassek
Michael Des Barres as Marty ‘The Cat’ Kirch
Robert S. Martin III as Young Uni
Larry Mitchell as Officer Mitchell






Kiss | Videos Room volume 2

Kiss | Videos Room volume 2

Multiple sources and qualities

Tony MacAlpine,Bruce Kulick,Marq Torian @ the Key Club Goin Down
2012 ACM Awards KISS arrives and on the red carpet LAS VEGAS
Gene Simmons visits the geese in Buenos Aires, Argentina
KISS – Before The Concert At New Orleans (2012-03-30)
KISS – Koln , Germany [LIVE!] [1980]
KISS On Dancing With The Stars (Both Nights) (2012)
Kiss Presenting at the ACM Awards (2012)
KISS walks down Hollywood Boulevard
Making of the Pepsi Commercial (2000) Dr. Pepper Cherry
Paul Stanley en WSJ Febrero 2012 Parte 2 Subtitulado
Paul Stanley en WSJ Febrero 2012 Parte 1 Subtitulado
Paul Stanley en WSJ Febrero 2012 Parte 3 Subtitulado
Paul Stanley of KISS Singing on his 60th birthday
Paul Stanley on NBC Prime Time News LA
Paul Stanley en CNN Feb 2011 Subtitulado
R&R All Stars en Argentina – Calling Dr Love – GEBA 23-04-12 by Fabi Karr
Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Day 4
Senator Brown on Piers Morgan
Smirnoff Crazy Nights
Kiss Army Argentina con Gene Simmons – 23-4-12
Gene Simmons y Charlie Sheen te invitan a Rock N Roll All Stars en Lima
Gene Simmons Interview 23-04-12
un instante con Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons-Estoy feliz de estar en Lima´
ROCK N ROLL ALL STARS EN LIMA conferencia de prensa
Conferencia de prensa Rock N’ Roll All Stars
América Noticias -260412- Gene Simmons de Kiss visitó el set de América Espectáculos
Gene Simmons (KISS) y su esposa en palacio de Gobierno Lima – Perú.

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Kiss | Videos Room volume 1

Kiss | Videos Room volume 1

Multiple sources and qualities


Eric Carr Solo Madrid 14 Ooctubre 1983
Axe Bass Cort
Punisher Bass Cort
Ace Frehley – New York Groove – Rangers Opener Oct. 15 2010
Ace Frehley Deuce at Rock Fantasy Camp
Ace Frehley of Kiss Trashes Hotel Room
Ace Frehley Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp 20 Feb 2011
Anuncio Seguridad Renault (KISS)
Bruce Kulick Live – Blues Jam ’92
Bruce Kulick Live – Goin’ Down ’92
Cher – A world without Heroes (Live in concert 1991)
Chevrolet Cruze McCann Erickson Arg
Eric Carr, KISS – Through The Years Part 1 Bill Aucoin & John Humphrey
Eric Carr, KISS – Through The Years Part 2 Bruce Kulick & Lydia Criss
Eric Carr, KISS – Through The Years Part 3 AJ Pero, Mark Slaughter & Carmine Appice
Eric Carr, KISS – Through The Years Part 4 Carrie Stevens & Eddie Trunk
Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on Ortsbo and Breaking Records
Gene Simmons en la tumba de su padre Subtitulado
KISS – TV Segment & TV interview – Detroit 1977
KISS eating [ Sweden October 1980 ]
Paul Stanley – Jun 17 2011 – CNN Newsroom – CNNHD
Los Hermanos Loprete – Videomatch
Paul Stanley & Tommy Thayer with Amber Thayer @ Boa in West Hollywood!
Paul Stanley Grocery Shopping
Paul Stanley Interview on Fox Business Network – 12-30-2010
Paul Stanley Interview on the KTLA Morning News (May 9th 2011)
Paul Stanley Sound RULES
Paul Stanley, KISS, Freedom Awards, Free the Slaves
White Tiger Rock Warriors
Kiss – Beth ( HQ 1080p HD Upscale )
Kiss – I Was Made For Lovin’ You ( HQ 1080p HD Upscale )
Kiss – Sure Know Something (HQ 1080p HD Upscale)
Kiss – Shandi ( HQ 1080p HD Upscale )


Kiss | TV Appearances 2012

Kiss | TV Appearances 2012
Multiple Sources
High Quality
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Menued and Chaptered


Kiss & Motley Crue The Tour Press Conference
Kiss Announce Live Webcast 30 March 2012
Kiss, Motley Crue | Announce The Tour
Kiss & Motley Crue Announce Joint Tour
Gene against Rhianna
Motley Crue & Kiss | The Tour (Exclusive Details)
Eric Singer, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars and Tommy Thayer
Legendary Drummers Tommy Lee & Eric Singer Share One Stage
Tommy Lee – Eric Singer – Mick Mars
KLOS Company Picnic with KISS and Motley Crue Preview!
Kiss Performs Detroit Rock City at Jimmy Kimmy
Kiss Performs Calling Dr. Love at Jimmy Kimmy
Dancing With The Stars | Lick It Up
Dancing With The Stars | Rock And Roll All Nite
Rock And Roll All Nite – DWTS (Rock Week)
Kiss Soundcheck in New Orleans
Kiss walks down Hollywood Boulevard
Gene Simmons – I Love it Loud – Asunción, Paraguay – Rock n Roll All Stars

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Paul & Gene TV Appearances 2011

Paul & Gene TV Appearances 2011
NTSC 16:9

Comment: Castle episode with spanish subtitles


GENE SIMMONS on CASTLE Season 3 episode 22
Gene is guest starring on tonight’s episode To Love and Die in LA and he plays himself. Gene Simmons, he tells us, is a real character. We got some insight into his geekdom, what superhero he’d like to play and how we’ll all soon be living on Planet KISS.

GENE SIMMONS  december 21, 2010
KISS’ Gene Simmons made a guest appearance on last night’s (December 21st) edition of Lopez Tonight, comedian George Lopez’s talk show, which airs 11 PM EST /10 PM Central on TBS. Gene talks about the undying love he has for his wife, and KISS co-founder PAUL STANLEY. Plus, Gene relates wild stories from the road, including sleeping with a nun-to-be, and signing a human leg that a fan threw onto the stage!

PAUL STANLEY may 26, 2011
KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley was a featured guest on this past Thursday night’s (May 26) edition of “Lopez Tonight”, comedian George Lopez’s talk show on TBS. You can see the interview portion of his appearance below. Paul is said to be a huge fan of George and performed two KISS classics — “Detroit Rock City” and “Rock And Roll And Nite” — on the program, with “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson on bass, Russell Peters DJing and Lopez on background vocals. That footage can be seen here. As previously reported, Stanley and Lopez are auctioning a painting they made together. Proceeds go to the American Red Cross to benefit the tornado victims in the South and the Midwest.

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