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Japanese Live History

Japanese Live History

Calidad: 8
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Basically a history of the band using TV footage, and some footage from official releases, from various eras. The narrative, in english, is subtitled in Japanese so I’m guessing this isn’t originally from Japan. The quality is decent but the live footage is nothing compared to what is available these days. It’s a fun little program though, especially the lineup titles for the various clips.

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Madrid, Spain 1983

Pabellon del Real Madrid | 14-10-1983

Calidad: 6 (+)
Menu: NO
Comments: Upgrade on this pro-shot-for-TV footage. It’s still blurry and hazy but there is definitely better detail to this one, especially evident during the interview segments. Audio is OK. For previous, lesser versions of this see here and here.

I love it loud (cut)
Detroit rock city
Lick it up

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Saginaw, MI 1988

12-01-1988 | Wendler Arena (Saginaw Civic Center)

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7(+)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: One camera stage left. Image is a bit blurry and a little pixelated but is very well shot for the most part (disregard the beginning which is shaky as hell). The filmer has to hide the camera once so there are solo missing. Audio is good, just a bit tinny but with a good overall mix. A very good audience boot.

Love gun
Cold gin
Bang bang you
Fits like a glove
Shout it out loud
Crazy crazy nights (cut)
War machine
Reason to live
Heaven’s on fire
Gene’s solo
I love it loud
Lick it up
Rock and roll all nite
Tears are falling
Detroit rock city

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The Phantom of the Opera – Paul Stanley

The Phantom of the Opera – Paul Stanley

Quality: 7-8(+)
Menu: YES
Comments: 2-disc version of one of Paul’s performances of the Phantom of the Opera.
I’m unsure of what date this is so I’ve chosen to list it without one.
Single cam on the balcony stage right.
Footage is OK.
It’s a little grainy, especially in the darker segments
(which, unfortunately, mean most of Paul’s parts) but it’s fairly well-shot,
just a little shaky here and there.
Audio seems to be in mono and is lacking in body giving it a tinny feel.

Contents disc 1:
Phantom act 1
Open Mike interview
Rapid Fax report
Pamela Wallin interview part 1

Contents disc 2:
Phantom act 2
Pamela Wallin intreview part 2

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Party Dude Japan 2003-2004

Party Dude Japan 2003-2004

Quality: 10-
Audio: Mono
Menu: No
Extras: None
Full Screen 4:3


Tokyo, Japan, 03-11-2003

  • Deuce (cut)
  • Strutter (cut)

Tokyo, Japan, 05-27-2004

  • King Of The Nightime World
  • Deuce
  • Makin’ Love
  • I Love It Loud
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