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Kiss – MEDIA COLLECTION 1983-1986

All Hell’s breaking loose (German TV)
Hardrock (Swedish TV special)
Lick it up (video)
KISS i Sverige (Barnjournalen)
Veronica’s strandrace (Dutch TV)
German TV special
I love it loud
Heaven’s on fire (live)
Animalize TV ad (Finland)
Music Box Christmas greeting
Dusseldorf, Germany 84-10-11
Outside the arena
Black diamond
Crowd filing out
MTV quest VJ spot
Thrills in the night (video)
Ace news clip
Paul on the orgin of KISS (RTL)
Fantime: KISS army (Italian TV)
Today in music history: KISS comics
Flash back (Super channel)

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Kiss – TV Collection 1993 Upgrade


Domino (video)
Headline News
Every time I look at you (video)
Arsenio Hall Show

  • Detroit rock city
  • Interview
  • Deuce

Howard Stern on E! – interview
Headbanger’s Ball
Alive III Private party (Boston 93.07.01)

  • Q&A
  • Signing session

Headbanger’s Ball – Foundation’s Forum
I love it loud (video – Alive III)
God gave rock ‘n’ roll to you (II) (video)

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Kiss – Foundation Forum 9-11-1993- Ultimate Edition-

Foundation Forum 1993

Fecha: 9-11-1993 Hilton and Convention Center
Burbank, CA 1993 -Ultimate Edition

King of the night time world
Take me
Goin’ blind
Got to choose
Rock bottom
Makin’ love
Let me go, rock n’ roll

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KISS – Alive 2 – First Night 1-9-1977

KISS, Houston Texas Sep 1 1977. First Night. Pro-shot
Set list
1- Intro
2- I Stole Your Love
3- Take Me
4- Ladies Room
5- Firehouse
6- Love Gun
7- Hooligan
8- Makin’ Love
9- Christine Sixteen
10- Shock Me
11- I Want You
12- Calling Dr. Love
13- Shout It Out Loud
14- God Of Thunder
15- Rock And Roll All Nite
16- Detroit Rock City
17- Beth
18- Black Diamond

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KISS – MTV Unplugged

01. Unplugged Intro
02. Comin’ Home
03. Plaster Caster
04. Goin’ Blind
05. Do You Love Me?
06. Domino
07. Got To Choose
08. Sure Know Something
09. A World Without Heroes
10. Rock Bottom
11. See You Tonight
12. I Still Love You
13. Every Time I Look At You
14. Ace
15. 2,000 Man
16. Beth
17. Nothin’ To Lose
18. Rock And Roll All Nite
19. End Credits

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Kiss – Alive! Segunda Noche 26-1-1976

Detroit, Michigan 26-01-1976 – Cobo Hall

Recording: PRO
Quality: 9(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Segunda noche en el Cobo Hall intentando grabar el Alive!, luego de una noche de problemas de afinación

C’mon and love me
Hotter than hell
Nothin’ to lose
100,000 years
Black diamond
Cold gin
Rock and roll all nite
Let me go, rock ‘n’ roll

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Kiss – Animalize Uncensored Live!

Date: 08-12-1984 | Lugar: Cobo Arena
Recording: PRO
Quality: 10
Menu: YES
Extras: Biografía and discografía (en Portugues) y una galería de fotoso.
Comentarios: Esta edición es una version brasilera. Trae unos subtitulos en portugués sobre impresos en una placa negra, para tapar los que venían sobreimpresos en japonés.

Detroit rock city
Cold gin
Creatures of the night
Fits like a glove
Heaven’s on fire
Thrills in the night
Under the gun
War machine
Young and wasted
I love it loud
I still love you
Love gun
Black diamond
Lick it up
Rock and roll all nite

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