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Media TV Collection 1980

Media TV Collection 1980

NTSC 4:3
Menu and Chapters

Content Disc 1
Promo Unmasked Inedit
Kids Are People Too
She´s So European

Content Disc 2
She´s So European
Talk To Me
The Inner Sanctum Exposee – Australia
News Clips and more


TV Apperances – End Of The Road Tour Promo

TV Apperances – End Of The Road Tour Promo

NTSC 16:9
Menu and Chapters

Disc 1
Alex Transforms Into a KISS Rocker
Gene at Wendy Williams Show
Kris 6 News
Detroit Rock City at America Got Talents
Jimmy Fallon Backstage
Love Gun at Jimmy Fallon
Build: KISS Talks Their End Of The Road World Tour
Good Morning America
Kiss On James Corden 31 october,2018 plays Shout It Out Loud

Disc 2
KISS End of the Road Tour Takes Over Time Square!
IHEART Radio ICONS with Kiss
Peter Criss – Teaching Little Kid How To Play Drums at Fresno DW Drum Clinic

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TV Collection 1973-1974 | Mick E. Gee Remastered 2018

TV Collection 1973-1974
Mick E. Gee Remastered 2018

NTSC 4:3
Authored by DVDTeKa

Content Disc 1
Coventry Queens, NY
December 22, 1973
Cold Gin
Nothin´ To Lose
Let Me Know
100.000 Years
Black Diamond
Let Me Go Rock & Roll

Abc In Concert
Dick Clark / January 19, 1974

Nothin´ To Lose
Black Diamond

Content Disc 2
Toronto TV Footage
Toronto, Ontario
June 15, 1974

Nothin´ To Lose
Black Diamond

Hotter Than Hell TV Spot

Midnight Special
April 1, 1975

Solo Ace Frehley
Black Diamond


TV & Web Compilation 2014-2015

TV & Web Compilation 2014-2015

Eric Singer singing Beth. KISS Meet and Greet Santiago 2015
Face the Music by Paul Stanley_(720p)
Foo Fighters with Paul Stanley 2015 Multicam
Detroit Rock City + Do You Love Me – 1-10-2015
Gene Simmons Kiss Makeup Tutorial
Gene Simmons spits blood and flies – Las Vegas ; 11-12-2014 – The Joint
Kiss – Rock And Roll All Nite Live At Fashion Rocks 2014
Kiss – Samurai Son – 2015 Live
Kiss vs. Momorio Clover Z SAMURAI SON Studio Footage
Kissonline Exclusive KISS Def Leppard Ice Bucket Challenge (KISS CAM)
Kissonline Exclusive King Of The Night Time World June 23, 2014
Kissonline Exclusive Phil Collen Rocking With Kiss
Paul Stanley Concept Car 2015 Corvette Stingray
Paul Stanley Faces The Music – The Queen Latifah Show
Samurai Son from KISS 2015 Japan rehearsals
Samurai Son – Kiss live in Nagoya Japan 23 02 15
Samurai Son – Kiss
The making of KISS Alive!

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The Commercials 1974-2014 + John Varvatos 2014 | Pita Version 2014

Quality: 5-10
Menu: YES
Comments: Varying A LOT in quality, this is an extensive collection of the TV commercials KISS has appeared in over the years. Some clips are downright abysmal in quality, others are excellent, but there are a few rare gems. The KISS Bag (with some unlikely contents) was new to me for instance. Plus John Varvatos Spring Summer 2014. Compiled by Pita.

Hotter than hell
The Originals
Rock and roll over
Love gun
Mego dolls
Remco KISS Makeup (US)
KISS radio
KISS meets the phantom of the park
Alive II
Double platinum
Solo albums
Croner KISS Makeup (AUS)
KISS bag
Vita Brits cereal
Music from the Elder
Creatures of the night
Lick it up
Rock against drugs – Gene Simmons
Rock against drugs – Paul Stanley
MTV Crazy nights clip
Smashes, thrashes & hits
Hot in the shade
Bill and Teds bogus journey OST
Rock against drugs – Eric Carr
MTV Alive III clip
KISS my a**
You wanted the best
Rock against drugs – KISS
Weekend entertainment
Greatest KISS
Psycho circus
Polygram video collection
Gibson Ace Frehley Signature Series
KISS rocks Halloween
Detroit rock city
VH-1 Farewell tour
Very best of KISS
Alive IV (Symphony)
VH-1 KISS/Aerosmith tour
VH-1 KISS/Poison tour
Casablanca Singles 1974-1982
Gene Simmons Cort
Tommy Thayer Epiphone
Kiss Monster Book
Kiss Wallmart
Dr. Pepper Cherry
Paul Stanley at Norman´s Rare Guitar
PAul Stanley Washburn Signature StartFire

Kiss at John Varvatos
C´mon & Love Me
Spring / Summer 2014

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Ultimos agregados / Last additions | 2 de abril 2017

Kiss | Montevideo, Uruguay | 18-04-2015
Kiss | Buenos Aires 16-04-2015 + Meet & Greet – DVDTeKa Edition
Kiss | Houston, TX Full Show – 13-08-1976
Kiss | Largo, MD 20-12-1977 – Lost Footage
Unmasked European Tour 1980 Compilation
Amsterdam, Holland | 18-06-2015 Multicam
Kiss Kruise VI, Second Indoor + Bonus
Ace Frehley | Roxy Live Bar – Buenos Aires 27-02-2017
Ace Frehley | Teatro Vorterix – Rosario 28-02-2017
Ace Frehley | Teatro Vorterix – Buenos Aires 02-03-2017
Ace Frehley | Teatro Flores – Buenos Aires 03-03-2017
Ace Frehley | Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, NV – 02-02-2017


Kiss 2006-2015 HD TV Compilation Blu-Ray

Kiss 2006-2015 HD TV Compilation Blu-Ray
Menu & Chapters

2014-09-09 Fashion Rock
2015-02-23 Music Station
2014-04-11 CNN Spotlight
2012-10-10 Late Show with David Letterman
2014-05-21 American Idol
2015-04-29 32nd Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards
2014-11-26 Macy’s Day Parade
2014-11-11 OK! Tv
2014-04-11 Today Show
2014-04-11 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
2006-05-31 Rock Honors
2014-04-10 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
2014-10-26 Paul on Oprah Where are they now
2010-02-27 Wetten Das
2009-10-06 Late Show with David Letterman
2012-06-14 CNN Newsroom
2012-03-21 Jimmy Kimmel Live
2012-04-09 Dancing with the Stars

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