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Kiss Expo – Bruce Kulick – Lordi | Helsinki Finland 25-11-2017

Kiss Expo Helsinki, Finland 25-11-2017
NTSC 16:9

Content Disc 1

Bruce Kulick interview
Bobby rock Drum clinic

Lordi with KAF band :
Sweet pain
She`s so European

Bruce Kulick,Lordi with KAF band:

Thou shalt not
take it off
Lick it up

Content Disc 2
Bobby rock Drum clinic

KAF band :
Room service (CLIP)

Lordi with KAF band :
Sweet pain CLIP
She`s so European CLIP

Bruce Kulick Lordi with KAF band:

Take it off
Thou shault not
Tears are falling
Lick it up

HELLSTORM79 (Jussi) and Jani Anttonen

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Paul Stanley – Special 2014

paulstanley-special 2014 2 discs

NTSC 16:9
Menu & Chapters

  • Disc 1
    Indianapolis Expo 2014 Q and A 2014 | May 17, 2014
    Paul Stanley Live At 93.3 KDKB Studios | May 7, 2014
    Trailer|Face the Music by Paul Stanley
  • Disc 2
    JCSSF interview 2014 with Aidin Vaziri | April 25, 2014
    Cooking lessons 2014 home & family | June 3, 2014
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Kiss Expo New Jersey 08-09-2012

New Jersey – New York  Kiss Expo
NJ Convention and Exposition Center at the Raritan Center Edison, NJ
September 8, 2012

Running Time 85 Minutes
Filmed by Rock10
4:3 NTSC


  • Short clip of Peter Criss exiting after watching-Dylan, the 9 year old Peter Criss impersonator.
    (Drummer was not filmed)
  • Q + A with JR Smalling (voice of Alive I and member of the early Kiss road crew), Ken Kelly (artist-Destroyer and Love Gun covers), and Len Delessio (photographed Kiss in the early 70’s)
  • Peter Criss appears on stage during costume constest, and makes a short speech. (camera cuts in-and-out a bit)
  • Q + A with Bob and Bruce Kulick, plus appearance by their Uncle Sy
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Kiss Expo 96 | Malmo 02-04-1996 Feat. Vinnie Vincent

Malmö, SWE

Running Time 47min

1. Vinnie Q&A
KISS this performance:
2. Detroit rock city
3. Deuce (feat. Vinnie)
4. Strutter (feat. Vinnie)
5. Calling dr. love (feat. Vinnie)
6. Rip it out

K6, local tv news report on the Malmö expo (4.04)
Sydnytt, tv news report on the Malmö expo (1.46)
Z-TV, tv interview with Vinnie in Stockholm (4min)

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Kiss Expo´98 Sweden

Expo Sweden Helsingborg 1998


  • Swedish TV Clips
  • Interview with Gene & Eric – ZTV 1992
  • Rapport Morgon – SVT 1999
  • TV Report – ZTV 1999
  • Vorspiel – ZTV 1999
  • Union, Unplugged In Tv Studio – TV4 2000:

“October Morning Wind”

Descargar cover

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Kiss Expo | Nothingham, UK 27-11-2004

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Ace Frehley Expo Europe ’95

Kiss Expo’s The Netherlands and some more cities in Europe 1995
Quality is ok, not great, but god to watch.
Enjoy my friends!!

Aspect ratio: 4:3  PAL

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