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1975-2009 Clip Compilation | Kisspep

1975-2009 Clips Compilation

Recording: PRO
Quality: average 8 to 10

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    1975.05.24 – PORTLAND – BILL BAKER FILE

    Includes pre-show newsreel footage and a few minutes of silent performace footage, followed by a full band interview. Downloaded from demonoid, was pulled on club loosy format.
    Filmed by Channel 6
    Silent footage of the fans entering the arena.
    A few silent mins footage of the concert.
    Backstage interview without makeup filmed from the back.
    Bonus material:
    Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band
    Promo Clip (1980)

    1977.04.02 – TOKYO, BUDOKAN HALL – “FIREHOUSE”

    Remember the 2004 Rebroadcast and how it didnt look so hot?
    Well, Firehouse was pulled from this show and used as a promo video back in the late 70’s.
    Because of that, it was on a seperate master and looks MINT!
    Its stellar quality and far surperior to the 2004 rebroadcast.
    I have it only in MPEG form. Enjoy this little gem. By ren5150.

    1977.12.20 – LARGO, MARYLAND – “ROCK N’ ROLL ALL NITE”

    This is an EXCELLENT quality clip from this show that was recorded so portions could be used for The American Music Awards. While the clip that was shown on the AMAs was a combination of Shout It Out Loud and Rock And Roll All Nite, this clip is the full performance of RARAN, with an introduction by Dick Clark.
    One thing to note is the erroneous “1978” put on the screen at the beginning of the song. The clip was definitely recorded in 1977.


    Here’s another gem in absolute perfect quality (except for the TV station logo in the upper left corner). A true rarity and one of the last ACE performances. Lip-sync!, uploaded at club by OBSESSION.

    Here’s the German TV-Performance from 1983: ALL HELL’S BREAKING LOOSE (from Bananas), uploaded at club by OBSESSION.

    This is, on American Idol, uploaded at club by px74.

    2009.07.25 – SAN DIEGO – HARD ROCK HOTEL – “DEUCE”
    Unannounced Unmasked Show in San Diego!! First Unmasked performance since 1995!! Without Paul Stanley. From loosy (but looks so good).
    Banned at club. I put it on correct 4:3 aspect. Uploaded at club by kissrocks73.

    Uploaded by olbap12ar here by reques of Sten1972 on club. I don’t know if it’s as great it should be, but it’s one of the best copies I’ve seen.
    If somebody have a better copy, just go ahead and post it.

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    Hamburg 24-05-1997

    Hamburg, Germany 24-05-1997
    Trabrennbahn Stadium

    This is a show i got directly from the taper. To my knowledge, its not present on many tradelists, so a small treat maybe, for some of you.

    King Of The Nightime World
    Let me go, rock’n roll
    Do you love me
    Watchin’ you
    Shock me
    Ace solo
    Calling Dr. Love
    Shout it out loud
    Love Gun
    Cold Gin
    I was made for lovin’ you
    Gene solo
    God of thunder
    Peter solo
    New York groove
    100.000 years

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    Toronto, Canada 03-10-1992

    Toronto, Canada 03-10-1992
    Maple Leaf Gardens

    Recording: AUD
    Quality: 6(+)
    Menu: NO
    Extras: None.
    Comments: One camera on the balcony stage left. Originally well-shot (probably a tri-pod) but the picture quality has deteriorated so it’s very saturated. Audio is distorted at the input so it’s not very enjoyable. Another crap disc that just repeats a partial show.

    Creatures of the night (cut)
    I just wanna
    Heaven’s on fire
    Christine sixteen
    Watchin’ you
    Hotter than hell
    I want you (cut)

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    Wantaugh, NY 04-08-2003

    Wantaugh, NY 04-08-2003
    Jones Beach Theatre

    Recording: AUD
    Quality: 9(-)
    Menu: YES
    Extras: None
    Comments: Single cam on the balcony stage right. Reasonably well-shot and with good picture quality. (The first part of I love it loud is a mess though.) Audio is a bit boxy but overall very good.

    Setlist Aerosmith:
    Let the music do the talkin’
    Mama kin
    Love in an elevator
    Rag doll
    Nobody’s fault
    What it takes
    Shame shame shame
    I’ve never loved a girl like I love you
    Baby please don’t go
    Dream on
    Back in the saddle
    Walk this way
    Sweet emotion
    Dude looks like a lady

    Setlist KISS:
    I love it loud (cut)
    I want you
    God of thunder
    100,000 years
    Black diamond
    Love gun
    Rock and roll all nite (cut)

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    2009 – From Canada To California – kisspep Upgrade!

    Alive 35 Tour 2009

    Recording: AUD from different master sources
    Quality: check it and tell me!!!
    Menu: Yes, by
    Extras: on credits Screen Menu.

    Comments: This is a remake DVD. And there are includes all California Footage. Malta73 videos really were from Orillia, Casino Rama, not from Paso Robles. Fixed mistakes and added some more video footage from: sarnia, quebec (used on 5cam) and from Paso Robles.
    Compilation of master videos. Videos from Quebec don’t used on 5cam (only 3cam used on 5cam MENU). Different quality. Some songs complete, some songs partial and some very partial.

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  • Setlist
    10.07-2009 | Sarnia
    Deuce (canadian4life11)
    Hotter Than Hell (canadian4life11)
    Got To Choose (canadian4life11)
    Eric Solo (spongsponspong)
    Let Me Go Rock And Roll (canadian4life11)
    Rock And Roll All Nite (canadian4life11)
    Shout It Out Loud (spongsponspong)
    I Was Made For Lovin’ You (spongspongspong)
    Detroit Rock City (spongspongspong)

    13-07-2009 | Montreal
    Deuce (Klimbo666)
    Strutter (Klimbo666)
    HOTTER THAN HELL (Klimbo666)
    PARASITE (Klimbo666)
    SHE (Klimbo666)
    TOMMY SOLO (Klimbo666)
    ERIC SOLO (Klimbo666)
    COLD GIN (Klimbo666)
    ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE (Klimbo666)
    LICK IT UP (Klimbo666)
    GENE SOLO (Klimbo666)
    I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN’ YOU (Klimbo666)
    LOVE GUN (Klimbo666)
    DETROIT ROCK CITY (Klimbo666)

    15-07-2009 | Ottawa
    DEUCE (Theworldisblack)
    ERIC SOLO (Theworldisblack)
    ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE (Theworldisblack)
    LOVE GUN (Theworldisblack)
    DEUCE (TimxWsb)

    16-07-2009 – Quebec
    Deuce (Xcessivepresure)
    She (Freniz)
    Tommy Solo (Xcessivepresure)
    Eric Solo (Xcessivepresure)
    Rock and Roll All Nite (Xcessivepresure)
    Lick It Up (JPLemin)
    Gene Solo (Xcessivepresure)
    Gene Solo – I Love It Loud (3cam)
    I was made for lovin you (3cam)
    Rock And Roll All Nite (Chacalmedias)
    Gene Solo – I Love It Loud (Chacalmedias)
    I Was Made For Lovin’ You (Chacalmedias)

    21-07-2009 | Orillia
    ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE (malta73)
    I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN’ YOU (malta73)
    LOVE GUN (malta73)

    28-07-2009 | Paso Robles
    Strutter (marv12765)
    Parasite (marv12765)
    Love Gun (marv12765)

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