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Ottawa Bluesfest | 17-07-2009 Licked Up version

Kiss live from the Ottawa Bluesfest 17th July 2009
Licked Up version


Got To Choose
Hotter Than Hell
Nothin’ To Lose
C’mon And Love Me
(Tommy Thayer Solo)
Watchin’ You
100,000 Years
(Eric Singer Solo)
Cold Gin
Let Me Go, Rock ‘n Roll
Black Diamond
Rock ‘n Roll All Night

Shout It Out Loud
Lick It Up
(Gene Simmons Solo)
I Love It Loud
I Was Made For Loving You
Love Gun
Detroit Rock City

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The Lost Alive II Movie – 2009 Remaster

KISS: The Lost Alive II Movie – 2009 Remaster
A Nick Dagger Production


Total Running Time: 45 minutes
Source/Lineage: Video: Mick E Gee’s April 2, 1977 Remaster – Audio: Lost Alive II 48k, 24 bit master from original cassette that every copy out there came from.

Detroit Rock City
Take Me
Ladies Room
Makin Love
I Want You
Cold Gin
Do You Love Me?
God of Thunder
Rock and Roll All Nite
Shout it Out Loud


Comments: During KISS 4 shows at Tokyo’s Budokan in April of 1977, Eddie Kramer was commissioned to record an official live album. Perhaps it was to be a Japan only release, or it was the scrapped first attempt at KISS Alive 2. Regardless, it was never released, and in the mid 1990’s, the final mix of this 2 sided live album was leaked into fan circles. Thousands of fans regard this as the REAL Alive II, as the guitar tones and mix were much heaver than what ended up on the finished and final release, which was recorded mostly at the Los Angeles Forum during the band’s Love Gun tour. An interesting note is that 2 songs from this recording were re-used for Alive II (I Want You and Beth) – both of which featured re-dubbed vocals on the final release in contrast to this version. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ace Frehley Expo Europe ’95

Kiss Expo’s The Netherlands and some more cities in Europe 1995
Quality is ok, not great, but god to watch.
Enjoy my friends!!

Aspect ratio: 4:3  PAL

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Camden, NJ 13-07-2004

Camden, NJ 13-07-2004

Date: 04-07-13
Venue: Tweeter Waterfront

Recording: AUD
Quality: 9(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Mick’s Ultimate Edition (2 DVD) with the excellent picture quality and Instant Live audio. Only the shaky camera work (which is perfectly understandable) keeps this from being a perfect 10. Great boot from this tour and as close to being there as is possible.

Setlist disc 1:
Love Gun
Makin’ Love
Lick It Up
Got To Choose
War Machine
Christine Sixteen
I Want You
Psycho Circus
I Love It Loud

Setlist disc 2:
100,000 Years
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Lovin’ You
Detroit Rock City
God Gave Rock And Roll to You II
Rock And Roll All Nite

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Quebec City, Canada | 16-07-2009 Kisspep

Summer Festival
Quebec City, Canada 17-06-2009 – Kisspep Version

16:9 Widescreen – NTSC
Recording: AUD (filmed by Voodoocobra)
Quality: 8-
Menu: Yes (animated with 3cam mix samples)
Extras: None

Comments: From master MOV file filmed by Voodoocobra wiht HD cam, from center. Sometimes out of focus, blacky and mostly shoot on the screens.Very shaky betweens songs, but only a little on them.
Have a crappy mono audio converted to stereo when authore. Complete show without “Detroit Rock City”.

Got To Choose
Hotter Than Hell
Nothing To Lose
C’mon and Love Me
She – Tommy Solo
Watchin´ You
100,000 Years- Eric Solo
Cold Gin
Let Me Go Rock & Roll
Paul Solo – Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Nite
Shout It Out Loud
Lick It Up
Gene Solo – I Love It Loud
I Was Made For Lovin´ You
Love Gun

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Alive 35 – European Tour 2008 Comp. Kisspep

Alive 35 European Tour 2008
Kisspep Version

Recording: AUD, multicam
Quality: average 9
Menu: Yes (animated)
Extras: None

Compilation of new multicam mixex from European tour (except: Munich, Riga Latvia, Helsinki and Milan).

Youtube Sample:

01 Deuce – 2008.06.15 – Nijmegen – 4cam
02 Strutter – 2008.05.16 – Sophia – 2cam
03 Got To Choose – 2008.06.11 – Oberhausen – 2cam
04 Hotter Than Hell – 2008.06.15 – Nijmegen – 2cam
05 Firehouse – 2008.05.11 – Munich – 1cam
06 Nothing To Lose – 2008.06.13 – Donington – 2cam
07 C’mon And Love Me – 2008.05.30 – Stockholm – 2cam
08 Parasite – 2008.06.01 – Bergen – 2cam
09 She – 2008.05.26 – St. Petersburg – 2cam
10 Watchin’ You – 2008.05.09 – Oberhausen – 2cam
11 Rock Bottom – 2008.05.11 – Munich – 1cam
12 100,000 Years – 2008.06.21 – Bilbao – 6cam
13 Cold Gin – 2008.06.18 – Stuttgart – 2cam
14 Let Me Go Rock´N´ Roll – 2008.05.09 – Oberhausen – 2cam
15 Black Diamond – 2008.06.21 – Bilbao – 6cam
16 Rock And Roll All Nite – 2008.05.13 – Verona – 4cam
17 SHout It Out Loud – 2008.05.22 – Riga Latvia – 1cam
18 Lick It Up – 2008.05.27 – Helsinky – 1cam
19 I Love It Loud – 2008.06.24 – Milano – 2cam
20 God Of Thunder – 2008.05.18 – Athens – 2cam
21 I Was Made For Lovin´ You – 2008.06.15 – Nijmegen – 4cam
22 Love Gun – 2008.06.06 – Prague – 2cam
23 Detroit Rock City – 2008.06.21 – Bilbao – 4cam

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Sonic Boom | Modern Day Delilah – Full version HQ

Se reveló el misterio SONIC BOOM

La edición de USA y Canada sera de 2 cd y un dvd con temas del concierto en Buenos Aires 2009, el cd saldrá el 6 de Octubre solo en Wal-Mart y Sam’s Club stores. El cd estara prensado como un digipack y contendrá un libro de 20 páginas.

KISS Sonic Boom – 2009
01. Modern Day Delilah
02. Russian Roulette
03. Never Enough
04. Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect)
05. Stand
06. Hot And Cold
07. All For The Glory
08. Danger Us
09. I’m An Animal
10. When Lightning Strikes
11. Say Yeah

Kiss Klassics Cd Track Listing:

01. Deuce
02. Detroit Rock City
03. Shout It Out Loud
04. Hotter Than Hell
05. Calling Dr. Love
06. Love Gun
07. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
08. Heaven’s On Fire
09. Lick It Up 10. I Love It Loud
11. Forever
12. Christine Sixteen
13. Do You Love Me
14. Black Diamond
15. Rock And Roll All Nite

Kiss Bonus Live Dvd Buenos Aires 2009:

01 Deuce
02 Hotter Than Hell
03 C’mon And Love Me
04 Watchin’ You
05 100,000 Years
06 Rock & Roll All Nite

Produced by PAUL STANLEY
Co-produced by Greg Collins

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