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Peter Criss – The Ritz, NY 13-05-1992

13-05-1992 | The Ritz

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7(-)
Menu: NO
Extras: None
Comments: Peter with the band Criss. Single cam on the balcony stage right. Well-shot but the picture quality is a few gens down. Audio is pretty good, the mids are a bit harsh but that’s about it.

Love for sale
Bad people burn in hell
Blue moon over Brooklyn
Don’t cry for me
No, I’m not afraid
Wasted love
Peter – solo
Nothin’ to lose
Live life
Bad reputation
Guitar solo
You’re the one
Wait for the minute (to rock ‘n roll)
By myself
Hard luck woman
We want you
New York, NY 1992

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Peter Criss Compilation

Quality: Varies
Menu: SA
Extras: None
Comments:  Not the best looking compilation in the world, but how often do we see stuff like this based around Peter?  Quality varies depending on the clip.  I downloaded this from the club sometime last year.  This doesn’t have a listing on NCB, though the “drum clinic” from ’88 has a listing by itself.

Tom Snyder Show (1980) – Interview after Peter left Kiss
Ed’s Night Party (?) (around 1994) – Interview discussing Peter’s new band Criss
Florida Convention (1994) – Peter fielding questions from the audience
“Drum Clinic” (1988) – Actually, Peter fielding questions from behind the counter in a music store

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Peter Criss – Scandal

Peter Criss on Donahue Show | 13-02-1991

scandal_PCOK.jpg image by dvdteka

Criss was the subject of a tabloid scandal in 1991, when a national tabloid claimed Criss was penniless and living under a pier at Santa Monica. The drama unfolded on the “Phil Donahue Show” with Criss, the impostor and other concerned parties involved in a verbal slanging match!

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Bad Boys Hittin’ on San Diego 29-07-1995

Ace Frehley with Peter Criss
Recorded Live at The Coach House| San Diego, California 29-07-1995

1. Rip it out
2. Shock me
3. Break out
Space Ace Medley
4. Insane
5. Trouble Walkin’
6. Rock Soldiers
7. Speeding back to my babe
8. Hard Times
9. Srange Ways (con Criss)
10. Nothin’to lose
11. Rock ‘n’ roll all nite
12. Cold gin
13. Love her all I can
14. New York Groove
15. Ace Joke
16. Sister (unreleased)
17. Solo bass
18. Too young to die
19. Richie Solo
20. Louie, louie
21. Watchin’ you
22. Rocket ride
23. Detroit Rock City
24. Parasite
25. Ace solo
26. Deuce
27. Space Jam

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