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CSI – Long Road Home S14E17 guest Gene Simmons

csi-long road home gene simmons


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Long Road Home
Season 14 episode 17 Special Guest Gene Simmons
March 12, 2014 on CBS

NTSC 16:9
Subtitle Spanish

The CSIs investigate the murder of a rock and roll groupie and the disappearance of a prostitute that both have ties to a mysterious band. A groupie is found dead in a limo after a show, and CSI ties the murder to a “fame experience” featuring three amateur rockers playing with KISS star Gene Simmons.
The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

Gene Simmons as Gene Simmons
Joshua Bitton as Arnold Borkowski
Jamie Kennedy as Ed Kapena
Paul Greene as Len Young
Katherine McNamara as Angela Ward / Tangerine
Alicia Fusting as Michelle Cody
Nick Galarza as Mike Lassek
Michael Des Barres as Marty ‘The Cat’ Kirch
Robert S. Martin III as Young Uni
Larry Mitchell as Officer Mitchell






Miami Vice – The Prodigal Son

Miami Vice
The Prodigal Son | Season 2 episodio 1

Special guest Gene Simmons

Menu: Yes
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Spanish Subtitles
Running Time 97 minutes

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  • Tom Selleck
  • Cynthia Rhodes
  • Gene Simmons
  • Kirstie Alley

Director: Michael Crichton
Duración: 99 min
Inglés y subtitulos en español

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