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Rock The Nation Live! (Mexico) subtitulada

Rock The Nation Live!
Editado en México con subtitulos en español
Show en vivo + detrás de cámara, entrevistas, pruebas de sonido, etc. 1 dvd
Algo de perdida de calidad de imagen. Pero excelente por los subtitulos.

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My Dad Is A Rock Star | Dad’s Debut v.1

My Dad Is A Rock Star | Dad’s Debut v.1

Official DVD
My Dad the Rock Star is an animated television series created by KISS member Gene Simmons, and produced by Canadian company Nelvana. The show is about William “Willy” Zilla, a 14-year old boy just trying to be normal despite being the son of Rock Zilla, a flamboyant musician. The program airs on Teletoon in Canada, and ran for a short period of time on the Nickelodeon network in the United States. It currently airs on kids channel Pop Girl & Kix in the UK.

The first season was released on DVD on September 20, 2006.

DVD entitled Dad’s Debut release September 20, 2005. Contained these episodes

* Welcome to Spirit Springs
* Zilla’s House of Horrors
* Mr. Zilla’s Opus
* High Infidelity
* Angela D’Angelo
* The Candidate

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Kiss Chronology | Volume 1

Full audio collection since beginning at today!.
Six discs with all music stuff from the greatest band in the world.

KISS (1974)
Hotter Than Hell (1974)
Dressed To Kill (1975)
Alive! (1975)
Destroyer (1976)
Rock And Roll Over (1976)
Love Gun (1977)
Alive II (1977)

Double Platinum (1978)
Paul Stanley (1978)
Gene Simmons (1978)
Peter Criss (1978)
Ace Frehley (1978)
Dynasty (1979)
Unmasked (1980)
(music from) The Elder (1981)
(music from) The Elder (1981) Japan import

Killers (1982)
Creatures Of The Night (1982)
Creatures Of The Night (1982) first cd edition with “wrong” cover, other track- listing plus titletrack is slightly different
Lick It Up (1983)
Animalize (1984)
Asylum (1985)
Chikara (1987) Japan import
Crazy Nights (1987)

Smashes, Thrashes & Hits (1988)
Hot In The Shade (1989)
Revenge (1992)
Alive III (1993)
MTV Unplugged (1996)
You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!! (1996)
Psycho Circus (1998) European Tour 1999 bonus live disc

Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions (1997)
Psycho Circus (1998)
Symphony Alive IV (2003)
Kiss Alive! 1975-2000: The Millennium Concert (2006) disc4
Jigoku Retsuden (2008) Japan import
Sonic Boom (2009)

The Box Set: disc 1 t/m 5 (2001)
Extra Tracks 1989-1997

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Kiss Contra los Fantasmas | DvdTeKa Edition 2009

Aspect Ratio 16:9
Menu y capitulos
Con subtítulos en español
Audio stereo enhanced and mono

DVDTeKa Edition 2009

Sinópsis: Para evitar la quiebra, el administrador del parque Calvin Richards (Carmine Caridi) contrata al grupo de rock KISS, y durante tres noches se agotaron en el parque de atracciones Magic Mountain. Después de que Richards cortó sus ingresos financieros, Abner Deveraux (Anthony Zerbe), el científico del parque,  busca la venganza y desarrolla un plan maestro contra el parque y contra Kiss. En un punto, empleados y visitantes extrañamente desaparecen en el parque y entre ellos Sam Ferrell (Terry Lester), que trabaja como asistente de Deveraux. Cuando la novia de Sam, Melissa (Deborah Ryan) inicia una búsqueda, es ayudada por KISS. Durante su búsqueda de Sam, los talismanes de Kiss, el encanto personal que le dan superpoderes, son robados y luego libera todos los demonios en el parque. ¿Podrán Demon, Space Ace, Catman y  Starchild recuperar sus talismanes y salvar el parque?

Es la version de cine de estrenada en 1979, Kiss Contra los fantasmas.

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Kissology volume 3 + bonus

Disc I:
    01. Creatures Of The Night
    02. Deuce
    03. I Just Wanna
    04. Unholy
    05. Parasite
    06. Heaven’s On Fire
    07. Domino
    08. Watchin’ You
    09. War Machine
    10. Rock And Roll All Nite
    11. Lick It Up
    12. Take It Off
    13. I Love It Loud
    14. Detroit Rock City
    15. God Gave Rock And Roll To You II
    16. Love Gun
    17. Star Spangled Banner
    18. MTV “Unplugged: Behind The Scenes” (8/95)
    19. Comin’ Home
    20. Plaster Caster
    21. Goin’ Blind
    22. Do You Love Me?
    23. Domino
    24. Got To Choose
    25. Sure Know Something
    26. A World Without Heroes
    27. Hard Luck Woman
    28. Rock Bottom
    29. See You Tonight
    30. I Still Love You
    31. Every Time I Look At You
    32. Heaven’s On Fire
    33. Spit
    34. C’mon And Love Me
    35. God Of Thunder
    36. 2,000 Man
    37. Beth
    38. Nothin’ To Lose
    39. Rock And Roll All Nite
    Easter Egg: Carnival Of Souls Studio Sessions Video Montage
Tracks 1-17 are from Detroit, 11/27/92; While “KISS Konfidential” and “Alive III” were featured a combination of several shows this is a new version strictly from the single show with authentic audio. It includes material not featured in the “Konfidential” video; Tracks 19-29 is a remixed, remastered, and extended version of MTV Unplugged, 8/9/95. And a 5:1 mix will be provided. This version is includes more of the set than was originally released on DVD.

Disc II:
    01. Deuce
    02. King Of The Night Time World
    03. Do You Love Me?
    04. Calling Dr. Love
    05. Cold Gin
    06. Christine Sixteen
    07. Love Gun
    08. Shout It Out Loud
    09. Watchin’ You
    10. Firehouse
    11. Strutter
    12. Shock Me
    13. Rock Bottom
    14. God Of Thunder
    15. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
    16. 100,000 Years
    17. Rock And Roll All Nite
    18. Rock And Roll All Nite
    19. New York Groove
    20. Deuce
    21. Calling Dr. Love
    22. Love Gun
    23. Psycho Circus
    24. Shout It Out Loud
    25. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
    26. Shock Me
    27. Do You Love Me?
    28. Calling Dr. Love
    29. Firehouse
    30. Cold Gin
    31. Nothin’ To Lose
    32. She
    33. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
    Easter Egg: MTV VMA sound-check “Love Gun” unmasked footage
Tracks 1-17 from Detroit, MI 6/28/96. Night one of the “Alive/Worldwide 1996/7” Reunion Tour. Some of this show, very little, has circulated in pro format, and perhaps the “secret society of hoarders” had more. But this is a magical moment in KISStory, warts ‘n all; Tracks 18-22 from MTV Video Awards, 9/4/96. Originally only RARAN was originally broadcast; Tracks 23-33 from Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA 10/31/98. While the “secret society of hoarders” have had this for a while, this version will be a new consruction from the various band member feeds, excluding Peter who will be from rehearsal footage? At least now, everyone will get to enjoy this special show. Parts were broadcast on TV and the whole thing on radio, but several songs were not performed again during the seemingly aborted “Psycho Circus” tour…

Disc III:
    01. Into The Void
    02. Love Gun
    03. Within
    04. 100,000 Years
    05. King Of The Night Time World
    06. God Of Thunder
    07. Deuce
    08. Detroit Rock City
    09. Beth
    10. Black Diamond
    11. Rock And Roll All Nite
    12. Detroit Rock City
    13. Shout It Out Loud
    14. Cold Gin
    15. Rock And Roll All Nite
    16. Detroit Rock City
    17. Deuce
    18. Shout It Out Loud
    19. Firehouse
    20. Heaven’s On Fire
    21. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
    22. Shock Me
    23. Psycho Circus
    24. God Of Thunder
    25. 100,000 Years
    26. Love Gun
    27. Black Diamond
    28. Beth
    29. Rock And Roll All Nite
    Easter Egg: “2,000 Man” BC Place Millenium Show…
Tracks 1-11 are Dodger Stadium ’98 part II; Tracks 12-15 from the DRC movie premiere mini-set, 8/9/99; Tracks 16-29 from East Rutherford, NJ, 6/27/00. Essentially the “Last KISS” Pay-Per-View. Many collectors already have this, but an official release is nice. 

Disc IV: (Coventry, Dec. 22, 1973)
    01. Deuce
    02. Cold Gin
    03. Nothin’ To Lose
    04. Strutter
    05. Firehouse
    06. Let Me Know
    07. 100,000 Years
    08. Black Diamond
    09. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
This show has circulated very privately, but since it’s the band’s last show in the clubs (until 1988) it’s a historic document even with the visual short-comings from how it was filmed, and the years that have passed since. Still, it’s that important to KISS’ history!

Disc V: (KROQ Weenie Roast, June 15, 1996)
    01. Deuce
    02. Love Gun
    03. Cold Gin
    04. Calling Dr. Love
    05. Firehouse
    06. Shock Me
    07. 100,000 Years
    08. Detroit Rock City
    09. Black Diamond
    10. Rock and Roll
It’s rough, a bit raw, but it was KISS’ first gig with the original line-up only, in make-up, since December 1979. “This bonus disc will be carried by all independent stores (e.g.: Amoeba, Bull Moose, Dimple, Down In The Valley, Electric Fetus, Independent, J&R, Looney Tunes, Newbury, Plan 9, Rolling Stone, Salzers, Silver Platters, Twist & Shout, Vintage Vinyl, Waterloo, Zias, etc.) as well as national accounts (like Amazon, Borders, Circuit City, FYE, Hastings, Target, Virgin, etc)” (KISS Online). This bonus disc features all of the songs from the performance. 

Disc V: (Madison Square Garden, July 27, 1996)
VH1 Classic Records/Universal Music Group VH-00116-DV (USA, 2007)
    01. Deuce
    02. Calling Dr. Love
    03. Cold Gin
    04. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
    05. Shout It Out Loud
    06. Watchin’ You
    07. Firehouse
    08. Shock Me
    09. Strutter
    10. Rock Bottom
    11. God Of Thunder
    12. Love Gun
    13. 100,000 Years
    14. Black Diamond
    15. Detroit Rock City
    16. Rock And Roll All Nite
Bonus disc will include a 1 hour, 42 minute edit of this show, so songs in italics are not included…

Disc V: (Sao Paulo, Aug. 27, 1994)
    01. Creatures Of The Night
    02. Deuce
    03. Parasite
    04. Unholy
    05. I Stole Your Love
    06. Cold Gin
    07. Watchin’ You
    08. Firehouse
    09. Got To Choose
    10. Calling Dr. Love
    11. Makin’ Love
    12. War Machine
    13. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
    14. Domino
    15. Love Gun
    16. Lick It Up
    17. God Of Thunder
    18. I Love It Loud
    19. Detroit Rock City
    20. Black Diamond
    21. Heaven’s On Fire

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Spin the bottle documentary

Quality: 10
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Excellent behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Spin the bottle tribute with amazing interviews with the players/singers about KISS and KISS’ influence. Great anecdotes throughout

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Kiss Satanik Interviews

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