The Mix + The Black Box

31 Ene

The Mix Albums
Spanning from KISS’s 1974 album ‘KISS’ to 2009’s ‘Sonic Boom’! Over a hour long!
From KISS’s 1974 “KISS” to 2009’s “Sonic Boom”! KISS in the mix! Graphics are from the amazing looking KISS Digital Booklets

The Black Box Interview Tape (Promo for The Solo Albums 1978″).

“This little black box is hard to find these days. It was sent out to selected radio stations across North America shortly before the release of the Solo Albums in September 1978. With the help of an included audio tape, radio stations were able to conduct interviews with the individual band members without any of them actually being present…
The tape features an introduction to each of the four 1978 solo albums followed by extensive answers from the KISS members to a handful of questions provided in a booklet. The guys are talking about the recordings, people they worked with, future plans and some more interesting topics. A song from each album completes the spoken sections.”
Audio has been enhanced (annoying hizzing removed) and the songs included to a 30 second preview to keep the video shorter and because of copyrights.
by Necra Monium

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