The KISS Albums Revisited: Alive! DVD

28 Jun

The KISS Albums Revisited: Alive! DVD
All the Alive! Revisited’s on one DVD!

Pro Shot DVD
Region Code: Region Free
Content: Pro shot concert footage & ‘Reviews’
Length (total): 84 minutes
Menus: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Artwork: DVD cover
Bonus video’s: Yes!
Editor: Necramonium

Comment: What is the KISS Albums Revisited: Alive DVD you might ask? The Revisiteds’ i like to call these review are video’s that have spawned from when i wanted to make a Music From The Elder review with interesting facts, rumors and video footage for on Youtube. Instead i started at the beginning with the first KISS album from 1974.  The Alive albums were not included on my first KISS Albums Revisited DVD for the purpose of them having their own DVD one day, and here it is!

KISS Albums Revisited: Alive! (remastered!)
KISS Live @ Largo 1975
KISS Albums Revisited: Alive II
KISS Live @ Largo 1977
KISS Albums Revisited: Alive III
KISS Live in Detroit 1992
KISS Albums Revisited: Alive IV: Symphony
KISS Live @ Melbourne 2003

Bonus Clips
KISS Receiving Platinum – Cobo Hall 1976
Extended Alive II Promo Video
KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park: Revisited
KISS MTV Unplugged: Revisited
KISS Symphony TV Commercial

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