Kissology Companion 1974-1977 Vol.2

08 Jun

Kissology companion 1974-1977 Vol.2

Recorded: Various performances

Cover: Digipack sleeve

Label: Apocalypse sound

Year of release: 2010



The Midnight special, Apr. 1, 1975


Capital Center, Landover (Washington DC), November 30, 1975

Cold gin

Rock and roll all nite

Let me go, rock ‘n roll

Szene 76, Circus Krone, Munich, Germany, June 3, 1976

Detroit rock city

Rock and roll over TV commercial 1976

Love gun TV commercial 1977

ABC News Special: Kiss in Portland, OR, August 13, 1977

Alive II promo film 1977

Double platinum TV commercial 1978

Solo albums TV commercial 1978

Dynasty TV commercial 1979

Dynasty tour promo film 1979

ABC News Special 20/20: Kiss in Cleveland, IN, July 19, 1979

New York groove

Black diamond

Calling dr. Love

Rock and roll all nite

Hot Hero Sandwich TV special: Civic Center, Mobile, AL, august 20, 1979

Rock and roll all nite

I was made for lovin’ you

Drum solo Peter Criss

Black diamond

Olympia Halle, Munich, Germany, September 18, 1980

Drum solo Eric Carr

I was made for lovin’ you

Black diamond

Talk to me

Sporthalle, Koln, Germany, September 30 1980


2,000 man

Guitar solo Ace Frehley

Bass solo Gene Simmons

Rock and roll all nite

Solid gold 1981


Spanish TV 1982

Creatures of the night

I’m magazine 1983

Kiss returns to America

Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 18 1983

Rock and roll all nite

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