Kiss – Meet The Press (2010)

25 Abr

Rare interviews and promotional footage of the band KISS.

A new unofficial DVD is getting release in the UK next month, here’s the press release from Weinerworld “Interviews with band members, plus exclusive raw footage licensed from the source of KISS receiving their star on the walk of fame, unedited, see it as if you were actually there! Includes interviews promoting the film “Runaway.” See Peter Criss in unedited raw footage in Hollywood in its entirety which isn’t available anywhere else!. This is an essential addition to your KISS collection! From the early 70s, KISS has been the spectacle for all to see, with their elaborate fire-breathing and blood spitting, bombastic stage show, and larger than life

personas. Formed in New York City in 1972, the American rock band were easily identified by their trademark face paint and stage outfits, rising to prominence in the mid 70’s on the basis of their elaborate live performances, which featured firebreathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars and pyrotechnics.”

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