O2 Academy, London | 02-03-2010 kisspep multisource

03 Oct

Islington, London, UK 02-03-2010 Kisspep version
O2 Academy”Sonic Boom Over Islington”
multicam 16:9

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7 to 9
Menu: by

Comments:  All raw videos direct from “amateur” filmers:
1ofthehighlihonoured (Vance), baggiewhite (Mark White), hexmex100 (Adrian), xFrehley75x (Tim), Nige, Nige’s friend, Kissontherocks1 (Rutger), GenePaul, Shane, Phil Williams and Photoguy (John). Sources from the bests HD to some other photo cam.
You can see a lot of known samples on youtube…. maybe this is in average better than you can see on my checks (some of them the same)

Modern Day Delilah – 6cam
Cold Gin – 2cam (1 youtube source with 2min 50sec of 5min 2sec)
(*)Let Me Go, Rock N Roll – 4cam
Say Yeah – 4cam (2 youtube source with 2min of 4min 11sec)
Calling Dr. Love – 1cam
Got To Choose – 3cam
I Love It Loud – 4cam
(*)100,000 Years – 3cam
Love Gun – 3cam
(*)Black Diamond – 5cam
Rock And Roll All Nite – 6cam
Detroit Rock City – 4cam

(*) not complete, but not very partial.

Total: 55min 20sec (total youtube source about 5min)

Detroit Rock City (soundcheck youtube kissonline source)


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