St. Louis, MO 02-07-1996

26 Ago

St. Louis, MO 02-07-1996
Kiel Center

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: Single cam on the balcony stage left. This is shot at a slightly different angle than the other balcony left. Decently shot but the picture quality is a bit dark and grainy; there’s very little detail here. Audio is incredibly thin. There’s no bass and the drums are barely audible. Partial show, just shy of 55 min. Missing Deuce and cuts out shortly after Gene’s solo.

King of the night time world
Do you love me
Calling Dr. Love
Love gun
Shout it out loud
Cold gin
Watchin’ you
Shock me
Ace’s solo
Rock bottom
Gene’s solo
God of thunder (cut)

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