Fried Alive II

15 Abr

Fried Alive II (compilation)
Various clips / Pro
Quality 7 – 9 (VHS)
Comments: Believe it is an old VHS transfer


  • Paul & Gene on “R&R” tv-show -with Roger Rose- (31:55min.)
  • Paul Stanley on “Politically Incorrect” tv-show -with Bill Maher- (18:09min.)
  • KISS interview on “Wish TV News 8” -with Patty Spitler- (3:18min.)
  • Paul Stanley in news item about “NAMM”(National Association of Music Merchants) (2:23min.)
  • MTV News about “KISS My Ass” (0:35min.)
  • CNN Entertainments News about “KISS My Ass” (2:48min.)
  • “American Journal” tv-show with Ace Frehley (5:09min.)
  • Paul & Gene in “the History of Rock’n’ Roll” (5:52min.)
  • “Personal FX” tv-show with John Burke about KISS fan and his collection in Denver (10:09min.)
  • “Fax” Canadian tv-show (French) with Paul&Gene (7:43min.)
  • Tribute Band Parasite (9:43min.)
  • Paintball : Battle of the Bands with Gene Simmons/John Bush/Scott Ian/Chuck Billy/Tom Araya (3:01min.)
  • American Greetings – about Peter Criss birthday (0:22min.)
  • Coca Cola commercial for KISS concert in Montreal (0:27min.)
  • “City Pulse” news item about KISS concert at the Maple Leaf Gardens (1:18min.)
  • Tribute band Strutter (3:33min)
  • Shannon Tweed on tv-show (1:56min.)
  • “Hard Copy” news item about Limousines with Gene Simmons (3:18min.)
  • “Hard Copy” news item about backstage with KISS (3:36min.)
  • Gene Simmons & Roadie backstage (1:19min.)

Total Playing Time: 116:33

PAL 4:3

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