VOLUME III / 2004 / From The Reunion To The Boom

22 Mar

“From The Reunion To The Boom”

Comments: Multicam from different 2004 tour. All new mix. “All The Way”, “Love Her All I Can” and “Goin’ Blind” are only 1cam. Quality varies on video and audio. Atlantic City synched with “Instant Live”.

Creatures of The Night (I)
Makin’ Love (IV)
I Pledge Allegience To The State Of Rock ‘N Roll (I)
Christine Sixteen (IV)
Tears Are Falling (I)
War Machine (IV)
All The Way (III)
I Want You (IV)
Love Her All I Can (II)
Gene Solo – Unholy (IV)
The Oath – I (II)
Shandi (II)
Goin’ Blind (III)
God Gave Rock And Roll to You II (IV)

(I) 2004.05.13 – Melbourne
(II) 2004.05.15 – Melbourne
(III) 2004.05.27 – Tokyo
(IV) 2004.07.17 – Atlantic City

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