VOLUME II / 2000-2003 / From The Reunion To The Boom

21 Mar

“From The Reunion To The Boom”
2000 – 2003

Comments: Multicam from different 2000 to 2003 tour.
Some of them new mix, other old one. “Talk To Me” and “Hard Luck Woman” are only 1cam.
Quality varies on video and audio.


Detroit Rock City (VI)
Heaven’s on Fire (II)
Cold Gin (II)
Shock Me (I)
Lick It Up (II)
2000 Man (I)
God Of Thunder (II)
Love Gun (II)
Talk To Me (III)
Beth (VII)
Forever (IV)(V)
I Still Love You (I)
Hard Luck Woman (III)
Starway To Heaven/Angie (IV)(V)
Black Diamond (I)

(I) 2000.09.18 – Providence
(II) 2000.09.26 – Trenton
(III) 2001.04.04 – Melbourne
(IV) 2003.03.12 – Tokyo
(V) 2003.03.15 – Yokohama
(VI) 2003.11.16 – New York
(VII) 2003.11.20 – Washington

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