Ace Frehley | Robins, Swedish Television 2009

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Ace Frehley on Robins, Swedish Television
December 5th 2009

Running Time 14min.

Comments: Ace Frehley was unexpectedly a guest on the swedish David Letterman/Jay Leno-clone Robin Paulsson´s show “Robins” when he visited Sweden in december. I was actually contacted by swedish television to help provide info about Ace since they didn´t seem to have a clue
Ace was in top form and seemed to enjoy it all, watch out for Robin accidentally spilling soda on him (NOT rehearsed!) and apologizing a LOT. I was in the front row of the audience and know that they cut out a couple of bits here and there, but not very much. Also, it was cool to see that Ace brought his smoking guitar to show everyone! I kept all Ace-related material but cut out the other interview with swedish TV-personality (?) Klara Zimmergren. Oh, I actually kept the intro to the show since Robin takes a real punch at Klara, thinking she is Ace with all the makeup she´s wearing. Part of it is in swedish, but you´ll get the joke anyway, I thought I´d keep it in for good measure.

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