Budapest, Hungary 02-09-1988

30 Dic

Budapest, Hungary 02-09-1988

Kisstadion Lelàtò

Recording: AUD
Quality: 7(-)
Menu: NO
Extras: Compilation of various clips, see below.
Comments: Single cam stage left. The camera-handling isn’t bad but the picture quality is blurry. Hard to tell if it’s poor focus or if it’s washed-out from a few too many generations of VHS before making it to DVD. It’s a bit shaky too. Audio is OK except that it varies in level a lot for the first few minutes. Incomplete show, missing last 4 songs. Quality for the extra material is excellent, TV quality.

Love gun
Fits like a glove
Heaven’s on fire
Cold gin
Black diamond
Bang bang you
Bruce’s solo
No no no
Crazy crazy nights
I was made for lovin’ you
War machine
Reason to live
Tears are falling
I love it loud

Extra material:
Goin’ blind (Gene & Paul acoustic – MTV’s Most Wanted)
MTV Headbanger’s Ball report on New York Convention
Interview with Criss (Foundations Forum 1995)
Show me – Criss (video)
Miami Vice (scenes from episode feat. Gene as villain)
Paul interview (Hard ‘n’ Heavy)
KISS News (Headbanger’s Ball 1996)
Lick it up (video)
Grammy appearance 1996
MTV News – Reunion Special
German report on the reunion
MTV News – Reunion report
Rock and roll all nite (Brooklyn Bridge)
Polish news report 1996

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