Kiss My Jewels – volume #3

17 Nov

  • 4 years old dresses as eric singer
  • brian May-Roger Taylor, Eric Singer – Radio Ga-Ga
  • Eric McKenna of Boogie Streets and Pauls Stanley Guitars
  • Eric Singer drops his drumstick
  • Eric Singer drum solo – Brian May tour
  • Extras be a roadie with Kiss Kontest
  • Teacher by day rocker by night
  • Lenny Kravitz Kiss mention at Filmore show
  • Paul & Gene canadian TV Interview part1
  • Paul interview on ABC News Chicago
  • Paul interview on WGN News Chicago
  • Kiss discusses new tour with VH1 Classics
  • Kiss visits Augusta to honor Wounded Warriors
  • Wounded Warriors CBS News
  • Maria Mena covers- Iwas Made For Loving You
  • Kiss visits Augusta Wounded Warriors – Part1
  • Kiss visits Augusta Wounded Warriors – Part2
  • Kiss reference on Ellen show
  • Kiss visit Charlie Norwood Va Medical Center Augusta
  • Behind The Scenes Letterman´s Late Show
  • Audience sings Happy Birthday to Tommy
  • Fuse TV Interviews befor Voodoo Fest
  • Kiss discusses Guitar Hero 5
  • Sonic Boom commercial
  • Kiss LA Wiazard expo 2007
  • Kiss Makeup Session
  • Kiss on Good America
  • Fuse Fest – The Best of Voodoo Experience 06-11-2009
  • Gene Simmons on Drum Set NAMM 2009
  • I was Made For Loving You / Charisma Mexico 1981
  • Paul Stanley at NAMM
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