Nashville, TN July 30, 1994 Gibson Guitars 100th Anniversary(2009)

24 Jun

Here we have the BEAUTIFUL new transfer by Skulljam9 of this historic show in Nashville, TN on July 30th, 1994 – Gibson Guitars 100th Anniversary. I can’t believe we are coming up to the 15th anniversary of this show that I was at (and standing right beside the filmer I might add). I have also included a pic of what Gene and Paul were doing earlier that day. The two of them made an appearance at Music City Record Distributors earlier that day.

This is a transfer of the 2-cam mix.

Set list:
I stole your love
Got to choose
Calling Dr. Love
Lick it up
Makin’ love
Goin’ blind
War machine
Love gun
I love it loud
Detroit rock city
Black diamond
Heaven’s on fire

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