Peter Cris on OZ

26 May

Peter Criss on OZ
From Season 5, episodes 1 & 2
Running Time 100 minutes
Aspect Ratio 4:3

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Written By: Tom Fontana
Directed By: Alex Zakrzewski

A ribbon cutting ceremony, complete with the Governor doing the honors, signals the opening of a newly constructed Oz. Warden Glynn doesn’t resign but he’s more battle weary. White, Alvarez and other inmates in solitary are temporarily transferred to Em City while repairs are being made. As Schillinger and Robson recover from their wounds, they begin planning revenge on the Muslims. Conversely, Said plans to plead guilty for the attempted murder of Robson & Schillinger. The fate of Rev. Cloutier is revealed and inmates expecting visits from family members get shocking news.

Supporting Cast:
Peter Criss — Martin Montgomery
Thomas G. Waites — Henry Stanton
Mary Alice — Luvenia Hill
Carlos Leon — Carlos Martinez
Luke Perry — Rev. Cloutier

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