Bilbao, Spain 21-06-2008 (full version)

02 Ene

Bilbao, Spain 21-06-2008 (full version)
Bilbao Kobetamendi

Recording: AUD
Quality: 8(+)
Menu: YES
Extras: Missing songs from center back version
Comments: Busbaloo version “complete” compiled and synched to alternate audio (from the version filmed from center back) by evy2000. Same picture quality as the previous Busbaloo.

Setlist disc 1:
Got to choose
Hotter than hell
Nothin’ to lose
C’mon and love me
Tommy’s solo (cut)
100,000 years (cut)
Black diamond
Rock and roll all nite

Setlist disc 2:
Shout it out loud
Lick it up
Gene’s solo
I love it loud
Love gun
Detroit rock city

She (center back)
Cold gin (center back)
Let me go, rock ‘n roll (center back)

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