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07 Nov

Kiss on Norwegian | TV 05-11-2008

The Norwegian national TV company NRK shows a brand new KISS documentary on November 5. Both current and former KISS members will appear in the documentary. 

NRK has made the following presentation of the documentary:

On Wednesday Lydverket will show a documentary about KISS where current and former band members as well as other associates tell the unmasked story about the madness we know as Kiss. To record a TV film in 1978 was just one of the things Kiss did to make money out of the Kiss brand and some 30 years later Paul Stanley has got a pragmatic view on this “acting” career. – What doesn’t kill makes you stronger, Stanley says to Lydverket about his experiences from the cult film “Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park”.
I will get back with more details asap.

Duration: 52 min.
Aspect Ratio 16:9

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