Asylum of Death

16 Oct


AC3 – English

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Opening with Gene Simmons’outrageous appearance in 1974 – Gene is interviewed on a panel of guests including Totie Fields. This is during the band’s debut album tour. This is not to be missed, Gene looks like a vampire in his crazy outfit! On tour next with the guys having their make up and costumes being done, their make up lady talks about the ins and outs of her job with Kiss. Great early interview with the band, includes Ace, you know the mad one, being his usual crazy self! We then go to a Kiss merch man who has stuff you wouldn’t believe. Kiss are finally unmasked fully on the following interview which is recordered at a video shoot, its dedicated to Eric Carr.

Petal Productions has sourced the content of this program from various private collectors, including fans and enthusiasts. This material is presented for the first time ever in a DVD format and is an essential item to complete your current music collection. The archive footage here shows a variety of previously unavailable behind the scenes material, reflecting many serious as well as humorous perspectives. For true fans, these insights show another side of the music that we all know and love. Every effort has been made to provide the highest possible picture and sound quality allowing for the availability of the original masters.

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