Anthology Unmasked 10

30 Jun

Quality: 8
Menu: YES
Comments: Overall the quality of this comp. is lesser than for previous Anthology installments but that is probably due to the source material not having been as good. There’s plenty here to watch though even if most of it’s been around. Some issues with the menu: the music for the chapter selection menu is the worst!!; the entry for “Gene unmasked” in the menu links to “KISS arrives in Australia” and the rest of the menu is displaced in a similar manner.

Inner Sanctum promo
Pop Rock
– She’s so European
– Talk to me
KISS-show Goodie Bag (ad)
Live in Australia (news reel)
Crispies Cereal (ad)
News report – Controversy in Perth
Make-up kit (ad)
– Is that you
Eyewitness news
Inner sanctum (ad)
Press conference
Rock Zauber
The Don Lane show
What makes the world go ‘round
Unmasked (ad #1)
Radio call-in
Unmasked (ad #2)
Shandi (promo)
Gene unmasked
KISS arrive in Australia
Kids are people too

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