KISS Video Special #31

26 Mar

Running time approximately 2 hours (1994)
NTSC format

The Tonight Show 7-13-94, with Garth Brooks
Paul and Gene raid Detroit KISS convention 7-17-94
Gene on “FX” 7/94- discusses KISS My Ass
European MTV 3-17-94- Paul and Gene interview and acoustic Goin’ Blind
VIVA News (Germany) 3-15-94
Ad for MTV’s Most Wanted (England) 3-12-94
MTV News 3-25-94- KISS My Ass interview
European Headbanger’s Ball 3-27-94
3rd Annual Florida KISS convention 9-25-94, with Peter Criss
American Music Awards (Germany), dubbed in German
VIVA News special 4-3-94
ZAPP (Sweden) 4-7-94- Paul and Gene interviewed in an apartment while eating cheese and fruit
CNN Music Biz 3/94
Ad for VIVA Special (Germany) 6-15-94
VIVA News 6-13-94
MTV News (England) 6-7-94- European KISS convention
CNN News 1994- Stuttering John and Gene interview
CNN News 1994- bands with most Gold and Platinum awards.
Real Life (Australia) 6-17-94

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