The Phantom of the Opera – Paul Stanley

15 Feb

The Phantom of the Opera – Paul Stanley

Quality: 7-8(+)
Menu: YES
Comments: 2-disc version of one of Paul’s performances of the Phantom of the Opera.
I’m unsure of what date this is so I’ve chosen to list it without one.
Single cam on the balcony stage right.
Footage is OK.
It’s a little grainy, especially in the darker segments
(which, unfortunately, mean most of Paul’s parts) but it’s fairly well-shot,
just a little shaky here and there.
Audio seems to be in mono and is lacking in body giving it a tinny feel.

Contents disc 1:
Phantom act 1
Open Mike interview
Rapid Fax report
Pamela Wallin interview part 1

Contents disc 2:
Phantom act 2
Pamela Wallin intreview part 2

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