The Soundchecks

04 Feb

The Soundchecks

Calidad: 6-8
Menu: NO
Comments: A compilation of four soundcheck performances (see below for listing). Footage and audio vary a bit but is generally poor in quality. Same goes for the audio. It was nice to see the Erfurt footage though, I hadn’t heard about that before. Compiled by Aceclone.


ORLANDO 93.12.12
Makin’ love
Smoke on the water
La bamba
Rock and roll all nite
Lucy in the sky with diamonds

BROOKLYN 96.09.04

Love gun
Rock and roll all nite

ERFURT 99.03.11
Great expectations
All American man
Rockin’ in the USA
Sweet pain
Psycho circus
Almost human
Born to be wild
Day tripper

MELBOURNE 03.02.27
Psycho circus
Goin’ blind
Sure know something
Here comes the sun
God of thunder
Detroit rock city
Do you love me
Shout it out loud
God of thunder
Love gun
I was made for lovin’ you
Rock and roll all nite

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