Santa Inez (Chumash Casino), CA 2006

04 Feb

Santa Inez (Chumash Casino), CA 2006
28-07-2006 | Chumash Casino

Calidad: 5
Menu: A couple of stills from the show after the video
Extras: No
Comments: DivX format (or so my software/DVD player tell me) so hopefully there’s a slighlty less “jerky” version somewhere. Single cam on the floor that is shaky to the max. Don’t even consider going by the screenshots for this one, the fact that the cam was still enough for me to even be able to take stills is a miracle (it does get a bit better towards the end and for part of 100,000 years). Filmer has to hide the camera a few times. Audio is distorted (overloaded at the input every time the kick hits), muffled and victim of a seriously crappy compression algortihm.

Watchin’ you (cut)
King of the night time world (intro only)
Got to choose
Take me
Heaven’s on fire
God of thunder
100,000 years
Black diamond
Let me go, rock ‘n’ roll
C’mon and love me
God gave rock and roll to you (II)
Rock and roll all nite

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